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Please advise me how to get my shit together

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TheFlandersPigeonMurderer Thu 05-Oct-17 07:57:56

I will be 40 in a few months and I am —still— entirely clueless about how I make myself look “together” blush
I have always been a tomboy and TBH I have little desire to change how I dress- mostly jeans, boots and casual shirts (I do make an effort to buy decent quality, well fitting clothes, they’re just not overly feminine)
My hair is short and I have recently found a marvellous hairdresser who (for a small fortune) cuts my hair amazingly, so I don’t look too boyish but not so fussy that I just stick a hat on and don’t bother.
So now I need to work on my skin —as I’m starting to bear more than a passing resemblance to my DGM— Currently I use micellar water to cleanse and a night cream when I remember. My skin is just lacklustre and prone to being spotty, though I probably don’t drink enough water.
Then my nails- I have bitten my nails all my life blush I have stopped in the past but they just look like farmers nails rather than lovely pretty dainty nails. I also have a lot of damaged skin around the cuticles which I’m really embarrassed by. Due to work I’ve never been allowed any sort of artificial nail so have never really investigated this avenue. Could this be a possibility?
Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated, but please speak slowly and clearly grin

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Thu 05-Oct-17 10:54:30

How about switching to ponds cream at night - cleans and moisturises so will save you time! I personally prefer to wash with soap and then moisturise (with ponds) and have nice skin (if I do say so myself!!).

I don't have fab nails though as I can never be arsed to do the cuticles so they get done once a month when I have my legs waxed. But a scrub with a nailbrush does make the nails themselves look nice. Good handcream too - hand relief from Aveda is nice but for also Palmers cocoa butter if you can bear the smell (I like it but it is strong).

I don't like false nails particularly, seems like a lot of trouble for day to day. But if you have time to maintain them you could either paint them yourself or use one of those polishing things that gives them a shine (note to self: must buy new one of those!).

The rest of your look sounds fab!!

TheFlandersPigeonMurderer Thu 05-Oct-17 12:13:46

Thank you rebecca smile
I’m actually really happy with my “look” and feel anything too far from the norm just wouldn’t be me. It’s just the extra bits that would make me look more grown up that sort of evade me!
My hairdresser was a revelation and showed me that spending money on my rather wild and woolly hair could transform it from the rather butch effect I have been given on occasion, to sleek and tidy while still being me IYSWIM <tosses hair>

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