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Bella Freud jumpers and other 'blogger faves'

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Featherstep Thu 05-Oct-17 00:00:45

This is more or less a rant... I like a bit of fashion but hate how certain items inexplicably become worshipped as 'must haves'.

Bella Freud jumpers are just jumpers. Saying '1970' or 'fashion'. Why does everyone want one? Why would you pay £300? Just because of the name and Kate Moss and Alexa Chung wore it... doesn't mean it's 'gorg' or 'beaut.' And it's so recognisable!

Gucci fur slippers. Ugly as fuck and make you look like the Gruffalo. The fashion people are just taking the piss surely.

I get it's often the power of the brand, but at least with things like Louboutins and designer bags you can see some reason why they are desirable. And I admit I'm a sheep sometimes too. But these items seem to be 'chic' just because they scream 'expensive and trendy'.

Arealhumanbeing Thu 05-Oct-17 02:53:48

I like some of the Bella Freud jumpers but to me they are a bit ‘try hard’. That white area on the 1970
Can be so unflattering too.

If I was going to spend on a jumper I would go for Marcus Lupfer. One of the sweatshirts with the the big glitter lips motif.

BlueEyedWonder Thu 05-Oct-17 05:45:47

I follow numerous bloggers on Instagram. It becomes a bit 'same' when they're all wearing these items. Agree some of these things are not even that nice.

Paintbox Thu 05-Oct-17 06:21:39

Totally agree op. I don't get the love for that jumper and the hairy foot hobbit shoes are all wrong

Paintbox Thu 05-Oct-17 06:23:00

Last winter it was all about those gold fringed Gucci heeled shoes too. Not really seen those come out for a second season!

silkpyjamasallday Thu 05-Oct-17 07:50:53

I've had the Ginsberg is God/Goddard is Dog Bella Freud jumper for about 5 years, it has lasted really well with a lot of wear (and survived my recent moth infestation), but I do admit the 1970 ones in particular have become ubiquitous. I didn't pay £300 for it as prices were lower before. Also I don't understand why you'd wear a jumper with a year that isn't your date of birth on it, I like Ginsberg's poetry hence why I bought the jumper (and because that photo of Kate in her version and a mini skirt won me over)

I also LOVE the gucci loafers, but I have a soft spot for ugly footwear - uggs, furry slides and birkenstocks feature heavily in my wardrobe. But I don't have the money to buy a Gucci pair sadly. I'm waiting for everyone to get bored and sell them for a knockdown price on eBay!

I think bloggers are actually ruining fashion because once they become popular they all wear the same damn things, if I see another JW Anderson piercing bag/M&S whatever is being plugged by multiple bloggers this season I might vomit. I started following a few because I liked their individual style, but it all becomes homogenised once the sponsorship rolls in.

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