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Going to john lewis. Need a good foundation for 40ish skin....

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honeybooboo123 Wed 04-Oct-17 20:51:43

Which beauty brand counter do i go to? Budget flexible.

Highlove Wed 04-Oct-17 21:16:00

Laura Mercier. Love her stuff. I'm 38.

Rollypoly100 Wed 04-Oct-17 21:16:47

Agree Laura Mercier. Expensive but worth it.

bitchpleaase Wed 04-Oct-17 21:17:31

Yep. Laura Mercier.

chocolatespiders Wed 04-Oct-17 21:17:55

I love Lancome teint idole. Expensive but last approx 6 months.

Crispsheets Wed 04-Oct-17 21:18:47

I've been using Laura Mercier Candle Glow. Love it. I'm 57

Ladydepp Wed 04-Oct-17 22:25:05

Chanel vitalumiere!

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 04-Oct-17 22:25:38

I like Chanel Les Beiges.

SelmaAndJubjub Wed 04-Oct-17 22:26:41

Not sure if they sell it in JL, but Armani foundations are amazing.

honeybooboo123 Wed 04-Oct-17 22:28:33

Brilliant thanks!

MmmmmmmChips Wed 04-Oct-17 23:35:48

More info needed
Skin type
Skin shade
Coverage required
What finish

SilentlyScreamingAgain Wed 04-Oct-17 23:45:07

Treck around all of the counters, collecting samples and then order online in a few weeks when you've decided. Foundations are like jeans, one woman's thigh reducing is another's camel toe.

wowfudge Wed 04-Oct-17 23:46:23

I suggest Clarins.

honeybooboo123 Thu 05-Oct-17 10:31:57

I'm off to a funeral tomorrow and while I do have foundations littering my house, they are cheap brands and some of them are definitely the wrong colour.

I have freckles and lines and pale skin that tans. I tend to just wear eyeliner and mascara and after a light finish I suppose so I look better and 'done' but not too made up.

NinonDeLenclos Thu 05-Oct-17 11:07:51

Christian Dior is the best foundation for pale skin. Their Skinflash highligher and cover up is brilliant too.

Chanel comes up yellowy even in the palest colours.

CMOTDibbler Thu 05-Oct-17 11:09:55

I'm pale, and really like the MAC face and body foundation which has a dewy, buildable coverage so you don't look over made up

mrsdane Thu 05-Oct-17 11:19:10


honeybooboo123 Thu 05-Oct-17 12:46:00

well just went and bought LM primer, foundation, concealer, powder and an eye shadow stick.

don't recognize myself!

PollyPerky Thu 05-Oct-17 16:20:51

I think it depends on each person's skin colour. L Mercier doesn't suit me- the pale shade is too pink and the next shade up too dark in all their foundations. I prefer Dior.

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