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White summer dress needed

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36plusandtrying Tue 03-Oct-17 23:15:32

Lovely ladies,

I am always amazed how you all make amazing suggestions to other posters when they need style advice. I'm going to watch England in the ashes in November. I always like to wear white, ideally short summer dress. I'm a size 10 - any suggestions. Need something cool (30 deg +) and 2 different dresses as going for day 2 and 3. Can't be too casual as might have to catch up with clients and going with a big group of DH's friends. Help !!

MidLifeCrisis2017 Tue 03-Oct-17 23:23:12

Boden clearance might have something.

36plusandtrying Wed 04-Oct-17 01:23:40

Nothing on there - had a quick check !

coffeekittens Wed 04-Oct-17 06:19:35


MinesaPinot Wed 04-Oct-17 09:16:02

Ted Baker have several cream/light coloured dresses in their sale, although might be a bit too dressy for the cricket. However, this is on the House of Fraser website and they've got it in a Size 10

Cos had a white sleeveless dress in their sale this week.

Does it have to be all white, because House of Fraser have also got this in a Size 10 which looks cool, although I don't know how short it is

Or this?

imjessie Wed 04-Oct-17 09:41:54

Ooh Great Plains has one . Hang on

imjessie Wed 04-Oct-17 09:44:49 I think this is fab !

Silverstreaks Wed 04-Oct-17 09:58:04

There are a few white dress in the Great Plains sale.

MidLifeCrisis2017 Wed 04-Oct-17 11:52:46

I have the GP one, it's lovely

36plusandtrying Wed 04-Oct-17 12:53:14

The ted baker one is perfect ! Right up my street !!

36plusandtrying Sat 07-Oct-17 22:13:50
Found this but worries sleeves will be uncomfortable! Need to try it

CountFosco Sat 07-Oct-17 22:19:55

Try ASOS, a lot will be unsuitable but there might be a gem.

36plusandtrying Sat 07-Oct-17 22:31:19

I've seen one from ASOS - I'll try and find it !

36plusandtrying Sat 07-Oct-17 22:51:47

This is my shortlist so far + the ted baker on from an earlier poster !

Thoughts anyone ?

MyLittleDragon Sun 08-Oct-17 09:53:22

Of your list, the ted baker is my favourite. Then the second asos dress. The first is too strappy and nightdressy. The third looks like maternity wear. The fourth looks like it might be uncomfortable in heat/sitting down for prolonged periods.

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