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Please tell me what to wear!

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Annwithnoe Tue 03-Oct-17 17:59:57

I'm 40, a Sahm, and fast turning into a frump. I feel completely at a loss when I go shopping. I've absolutely no idea what to wear. Even when I try on something that suits by shape and colour I'm still afraid of dressing too young. And I'm very conservative by nature. Since school started again, I've been living in jeans and t shirts. I've realised that I just don't know what's fashionable this season, but I know I'm not

I'd really really appreciate some suggestions. I'm a size 10, pale Irish skin and too lazy to turn myself orange tan so I prefer trousers/leggings to skirts. And I cant wear heels for medical reasons.

I'd really appreciate some advice!

tehmina23 Tue 03-Oct-17 19:57:10

I'm 41.

If you like jeans try more fashionable ones, for example I bought some 'Darcy' ankle grazer grey skinny jeans with pink flower embroidery from Dorothy Perkins which have had lots of compliments.
Wear with a slogan tee, River Island do nice tops.
My friend who has to wear flats lives in Converse, I like pretty ballet pumps & flat boots - either ankle or knee length which can be worn with a skirt / dress too.
As you are size 10 you can get away with short skirts, there's plenty in the shops. During the day wear with opaque tights & a tee or jumper.
You will need a jacket, personally I like my grey biker jacket from Wallis.
I also have a smart parka with furry hood from DP for those colder days but you could also try a wool fitted coat eg with a fake fur collar.
Hope that helps a bit

Annwithnoe Fri 20-Oct-17 00:24:16

Thanks tehmina. That was really helpful.

Floisme Fri 20-Oct-17 09:48:53

I'm not the same age but I'm a similar size and colouring and have a similar aversion to fake tan and heels. Can you say a bit more about the things that suit your shape / colouring but you fear are 'too young'? My personal opinion is that if something suits you then it can't be too young.

I think this is a great time for trouser lovers because there's no single style dominating fashion at the moment. You've got just about everything from skinny to wide, from cropped to ultra long in the shops. It can be a bit bewildering but basically there's no real need to worry about what trousers are in fashion because everything is and nothing is and it's great.

Personally I'm giving jeans buying a swerve right now because I'm old school and can't abide ready made rips. But cords are a good alternative for winter and they're back in the shops again, in every style from skinny to wide, depending on what you like and what suits?

AndromedaPerseus Fri 20-Oct-17 19:29:34

have a look at Susie's blog for style ideas

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