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Embarrassing / odd perfumes that you love

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Lottapianos Sat 30-Sep-17 19:18:17

I am this close to buying a bottle of Dermot O'Leary's Bergamot and Basil fragrance from M&S. It's gorgeous - fresh and clean and really lovely, not particularly masculine. And only £22. If I do go for it, I will have to hold that no one asks me what I'm wearing!

Anyone got an odd or surprising scent that they love?

UnbornMortificado Sat 30-Sep-17 19:25:44

Ariana Grande I'm 29 blush I pinch DD's. It's really lovely.

CantChoose Sat 30-Sep-17 20:07:48

I won one of the Britney ones in a raffle, I love it!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 30-Sep-17 20:09:01

That sounds lovely OP,I love bergamot.

JesusTapdancingChrist Sat 30-Sep-17 20:12:28

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights.

It's a proper old lady fragrance and a very divisive one. I love it. It smells like oakmoss and patchouli and musty old books. It's dank and mossy and smells like laying on the damp ground in a forest at dusk while wearing a velvet cloak.

It's one of my favourite scents for cold autumnal big jumper days.

opheliacat Sat 30-Sep-17 20:13:27

Discontinued now but the Colleen fragrance was lovely!

Lottapianos Sat 30-Sep-17 20:18:58

Jesus, I remember you posting about that one before. It sounds fabulous. I might try to find a bottle online

Longdistance Sat 30-Sep-17 20:21:07

4711. It's been around donkeys years, but love the smell.

PantPlot Sat 30-Sep-17 20:21:18

I adore Ralph by Ralph Lauren and Versace Red Jeans.

I buy both for <air-finger quotation marks> my daughter but steal both.

Nothing compared to my friend who's signature scent is Jade Goody Shh though. She's been known to fake a severe choking fit when asked what she's wearing.

DooWhaaDiddy Sat 30-Sep-17 20:23:52

Youth dew, when it warms is has a lovely smell smile

QueenofLouisiana Sat 30-Sep-17 20:28:26

4711 for me too- or even the Boots version in a huge plastic bottle.

BusySittingDown Sat 30-Sep-17 20:28:38

Today I am wearing...<<whispers>> Justin Bieber.

Not literally, get your minds out of the gutter! wink
But I like the smell of it. In my defence, it was given to me.

YouCantArgueWithStupid Sat 30-Sep-17 20:29:18

I’m early 30s and have worn poem by Lancôme every winter for 8ish years blush lots of people always ask me and always say they thought it was an “old ladies” perfume blush

RainyApril Sat 30-Sep-17 20:29:33

JLo. And quite a few of the Next ones.

BusySittingDown Sat 30-Sep-17 20:29:53

It fades quickly though.

opheliacat Sat 30-Sep-17 20:31:56


I like you

But fuck me, that's low! How did this even come about?


Ohwell14 Sat 30-Sep-17 20:32:43

Britney spears fantasy, got a bottle for my 8th birthday and haven't stopped using it since. It's only £8 a bottle now

YouWereRight Sat 30-Sep-17 20:33:06

I love English Daisy by Yardley.

TriHard27 Sat 30-Sep-17 20:35:23

Versace Red Jeans. Can be found in a Poundstretchee near you but I really love it. And not even in an ironic, sentimental, teenage Christmas kind of way. grin

taytotayto111 Sat 30-Sep-17 20:36:08

I used to love jade goodys perfume. Can you still get it. I'd love another bottle.

motheroreily Sat 30-Sep-17 20:36:18

I love Charlie red. It reminds me of being a teenager. It’s a heavy smell but I love it

Eveninties Sat 30-Sep-17 20:36:38

Britney spears curious and Jennifer Lopez still.

2ducks2ducklings Sat 30-Sep-17 20:36:41

Tommy Girl, it reminds me of being 16 again.

Justgivemesomepeace Sat 30-Sep-17 20:37:29

Anais anais. blush love it

JesusTapdancingChrist Sat 30-Sep-17 20:38:45

Lotta I do like to mention it on these threads. It's just so far removed from what you would expect from a fragrance by Jessica Simpson grin.

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