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Is this blonde ash toned? Hair appointment tomorrow.

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LeeBee23 Tue 26-Sep-17 18:28:30

My hair appointment was originally for yesterday but there was an issue with the booking so it's now tomorrow. I keep going between several different shades if blonde but I think i like this one the best if I go all blonde. For my skin and eye colour I need more of an ash blonde, but not too ash. This will be over several sessions but in your opinion is this ash?

arousingcheer Tue 26-Sep-17 18:51:59

Imo that is a beige or wheat blonde. It looks like there may be a touch of pink/violet in it.

The problem with 'ash' as a descriptive term is that it can have various bases, some of which can veer into green. If you have any ruddiness in your skin, a yellow or green blonde can make you look redder.

It may be a good idea to bring that photo as well as discussing what sort of traits you'd like to play up (eg eye colour) and which you'd like to minimise. Keep in mind that blonde is often a work in progress and while the colourist will do their best to get it right it may not come out exactly like the photo.

Bombardier25966 Tue 26-Sep-17 19:07:07

My hair looks like that when I mix my toning shampoo with a deep conditioner and leave it on for an hour. It is an ash tone, but as arousing says there are many different shades of ash so take a pic with you.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Tue 26-Sep-17 19:13:37

I'd call that a very light ash blonde. I have a similar colour called extra light ash blonde. It's high maintenance as the ash tones quickly fade out. You would need to treat it at home with a decent purple toner to stop it going brassy.

LeeBee23 Tue 26-Sep-17 19:14:02

Thank you for the replies, I'm just a bit confused as to whether beige blonde is an ash blonde? I looked it up and it says it's on the cool spectrum but is slightly warm?

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Tue 26-Sep-17 19:26:06

Ash blonde is the "coolest" so I think you're better asking for that. It is a hard shade to achieve if your base colour is fairly dark with warm tones so you might have to put up with an in between slightly orange stage. To get the very light ash you need to bleach all the red pigment out of your hair.

For example, brown hair is made up of red blue and yellow tones. The bleach will firstly remove the blue, leaving orange. A second application will remove the red, leaving yellow. That will then need to be treated with a blue toner to achieve the ash shade.

arousingcheer Tue 26-Sep-17 19:45:39

Ash is cool with a cool base - green, blue or violet (which would be the 'slightly warm' tone you read about). So it isn't just one thing. You (and your colourist) need to know what sort of effect you want to achieve before you know which base to use. Blonde is more of an art than a science.
Has your hairdresser shown you swatches? I mean, it isn't as straightforward as just picking one (depends on how dark your hair is, if you have any grey etc) but it can help narrow down what you do and don't like.

LeeBee23 Tue 26-Sep-17 19:48:25

Darn. Since I will be getting it done over several sessions I really do want it wearable in between sessions. Would it look really bad? I have been debating whether or not to go fully blonde or to keep my dark roots, and maybe do like an ombre look, like this.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Tue 26-Sep-17 19:58:35

Ombre is easier in that you won't have to keep on top of your roots every few weeks.

It depends on the shade of your hair now as to what colour it will turn with one bleach application. If your hair is in very good condition then the colourist maybe able to lighten it to blonde on one visit. I'm sure they won't leave you with vivid orange hair!
I agree with the pp blonde is quite an art. If you're using an experienced hairdresser, you'll be fine.

LeeBee23 Tue 26-Sep-17 20:17:35

Other than a few split ends it's in pretty good condition I would say. Thing is I have really long hair, so I really don't want it to be really damaged and have to get a lot cut off (although I could use a trim tbh). Most of the time an in between kinda awkward stage wouldn't be too much of a problem for me but I have quite a few social events in October and don't want to show up with dodgey hair!

arousingcheer Tue 26-Sep-17 20:18:37

I adore ombre.

Best to ask how you'll get on in between appts. Like, are you going to leave with great-looking hair and the colour will be refined over time or is it going to be halfway through the process tomorrow? I would assume it would be wearable for you in between - ?

LeeBee23 Wed 27-Sep-17 02:26:45

She did say it could take 2 or 3 appointments, but then again she doesn't know my end goal yet since I'm having my consultation tomorrow before my appointment. If rather have it over several sessions than have it in one appointment and potentially damage my hair a lot. I could live with brassy hair for a few weeks for the sake of my hairs integrity lol

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