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Thoughts on this hair colour?

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LeeBee23 Sun 24-Sep-17 00:15:06

Hi guys. I'm looking to switch up my hair a bit. My hair is currently brown and kind of bored with it since I've had it so long. Would like to know your thoughts on this hair colour? Would you say this is a dirty blonde? And would you say it's ash? I don't want it too ash times but I also don't want it too warm since it won't go well with my skin. I took some inspiration from the lovely ScarJo star

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 24-Sep-17 00:19:12

That's not dirty blonde imo,more ashy I think .

LeeBee23 Sun 24-Sep-17 00:31:08

I think it's more ashy too which I like. I do want it a bit lighter than dirty blonde so that's a plus, don't want it to be confused with brown

BoomBoomBoomBoooom Sun 24-Sep-17 00:42:14

To me that is the most pointless non- colour ever. It's very boring and nothing. It makes her look a bit grey skinned and ill, which she doesn't normally.

LeeBee23 Sun 24-Sep-17 00:48:28

Well I've been a brunette all my life so it's not pointless or boring to me. I think she looks healthy and beautiful with this colour personally

greentea4me Sun 24-Sep-17 00:58:33

It's a lovely colour, much nicer than brassy yellow blonde or platinum blonde. It's not a non-colour, to me the most boring colour is a mousy brown. It's not dirty blonde, more of an ash colour but it looks lighter than ash to me.

LeeBee23 Sun 24-Sep-17 09:06:21

Thank you. I'm glad you think so

LeeBee23 Sun 24-Sep-17 14:43:13

Would appreciate any other opinions? I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and I'm just trying to decide on a final colour

Dustbunny1900 Sun 24-Sep-17 15:47:17

It's on the very cool/ashy spectrum (so hopefully you are cool toned?) id say an ashy brond near the roots and an ashy wheat blond on the ends. You'll need some upkeep if they are using bleach to keep that ash tone.
It's very pretty

LeeBee23 Sun 24-Sep-17 15:54:01

Thank you very much that's really helpful. Still narrowing down my options it's so difficult having so many choices

LeeBee23 Sun 24-Sep-17 20:14:06

Seems to be quite quiet today so do t suppose that I'm going to receive any more answers but thank you to the people who did

Squashit Sun 24-Sep-17 21:11:57

I love that taupe blonde and think it looks very classy. Not so keen on the bright blonde ends personally- it jars a little.

ScarletForYa Sun 24-Sep-17 21:16:07

It's gorgeous.

Caulkheadupnorf Sun 24-Sep-17 21:18:57

It's hard for people to comment here as we can't see your colourings, hair style etc. Ask your stylist for suggestions too- some colours need refreshing more often than others.

My hair is similar colour to photo. I started by going from brown to a dark blonde and then slowly getting lighter. I've found it need to use a good conditioner due to the amount of colour used.

LeeBee23 Sun 24-Sep-17 22:42:52

Wow thank you guys I really didn't expect any more answers but I really appreciate your input. I have a colour consultation tomorrow and I've narrowed it down to two colours. So difficult to make a decision!

Patchouli666 Sun 24-Sep-17 22:58:32

Well the roots to ears are ashy and then from then on its gold/ yellowy. Looks like. She's had it beached and that's the regrowth at the top.
Ashy colours are very hard to get right. My daughter is ashy blond and whenever she's bleached it or put big chunks in lighter, they always look so yellow. So she redyes the ashieist colour she can find at Sally's and it's still too warm. It'll be a hard colour to get. Especially as y.ou are brunette - are your undertones reddish or copper? F so you are going to ruin your hair potentially by doing this. Make sure you go to a great colour specialist hairdresser.

LeeBee23 Sun 24-Sep-17 23:16:06

Well I'm definitely not going to be attempting this myself! My hair is a dyed brown at the moment and it has a slight reddish undertone I suppose? I'm going to a really good hairdressers so they'll be able to correct the red undertone so I'm not too worried about that. Fingers crossed 🤞

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