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Same boots two colours?

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Boodles Thu 21-Sep-17 22:35:28

I found some boots I liked and then found them for a bargain on Amazon. They came in the post today and I love them. I see they also have them in a different colour and material (1st pair dark tan leather and second pair suede). Would I be silly to order them in the other colour? They are ankle boots so quite versatile.
I had initially budgeted for a £130 pair of Barbour boots (was going to treat myself as I usually go for a pair of £30 sainsbos Chelsea boots) and these two pairs are lovely quality and will be only £90, so less than I initially intended to spend halo

EmmaGrundyForPM Thu 21-Sep-17 22:36:30

I would go for it. Why wouldn't you if you can afford it?

Spam88 Thu 21-Sep-17 22:36:40

Nothing wrong with that, but I'd be tempted to wear them a bit before ordering the second pair just invade they're uncomfortable.

HopefulHamster Thu 21-Sep-17 22:38:09

I have got doc martin gayle boots in black and plum and love the fact I have two the same (but diff colours). They are comfy and versatile so I get loads of wear out of both pairs.

Boodles Thu 21-Sep-17 23:26:23

Spam, I was thinking of ordering the second pair while they are cheaper but keeping them in their box until I have worn the first pair for a while. I could send them back if they weren't comfortable.

Couchpotato3 Thu 21-Sep-17 23:29:06

What are you hesitating for? Buy the boots already!

BikeRunSki Thu 21-Sep-17 23:32:58

I have 2 pairs of tgevsabw boots in different colours. I have size 9 feet and a didn't ankle, whe I find something that works i make the most of it!

Boodles Thu 21-Sep-17 23:35:44

Love this place grin

HolgerDanske Thu 21-Sep-17 23:38:35

I've done this a few times over. Especially back in the day when I had terrible plantar fasciitis and comfortable shoes/boots were a rare find.

Don't see any problem with it at all!

CantChoose Thu 21-Sep-17 23:44:33

I have the same pair of boots in Black and Tan. The tan pair are actually the second pair of the exact same boot as I wore the first pair to death. Go for it!

viques Thu 21-Sep-17 23:52:39

I found a pair of boots I loved a few years ago, and now have them in four colours. No regrets, comfortable boots to me are the dogs bollox.

SecretSleeper Fri 22-Sep-17 00:01:15

Link to the boots please!

puglife15 Fri 22-Sep-17 00:29:27

I've got two pairs of same boots in different colours and about to buy a third. They are the comfiest boots and go with everything.

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