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Please could I ask your advice regarding my hair?

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KellyMarieTunstall2 Thu 21-Sep-17 16:25:06

I had my hair done yesterday, my stylist is on mat leave so her junior did it. When she took the foils off I had brassy roots at the top, so she put a toner on. This has left me with brassy roots going into a more ash tone on the ends.
I have told her I'm not happy, and she's offered to do some highlights to cover it. I'm not convinced it will fix things.
If there are any hair experts amongst us, please could you advise me on the best course of action. Thank you.

bananafanana1 Thu 21-Sep-17 17:31:03

I don't think it needs anything it's lovely (sorry not helpful) grin

Rubyslippers7780 Thu 21-Sep-17 17:31:56

Looks fabulous to me! What don't you like?

SecretFreebirther Thu 21-Sep-17 17:32:32

Haha, wss ^^

Christmastree43 Thu 21-Sep-17 17:47:54

It looks gorgeous OP

KellyMarieTunstall2 Thu 21-Sep-17 17:48:42

The yellowy patches at the top @Rubyslippers7780

TashieWoo Thu 21-Sep-17 17:52:26

It isn't great to be honest, looks like you still have darker roots and the colour is uneven at the top. Can you go back and get the manager to redo it? Juniors all have to learn and make mistakes but I wouldn't have the junior put more foils in this time.

Justgivemesomepeace Thu 21-Sep-17 17:56:16

I can see what you mean. I'm no hairdresser but it looks like it's just not lifted enough. I'd see if the manager can 're do it if you're usually happy with that salon.

mumdebump Thu 21-Sep-17 17:56:48

I think your best course of action is to find another (more-experienced) colourist whilst your usual stylist is on mat leave. Whilst highlights will help break up the yellowy/brassy block of colour, they won't completely hide it. Is there a more experienced stylist/style director at the salon who can take over? If not, I would look elsewhere.

pilates Thu 21-Sep-17 18:14:41

Not an expert, the bottom of hair looks ok the top part not so good.

KellyMarieTunstall2 Fri 22-Sep-17 08:08:11

Thanks everyone.

KellyMarieTunstall2 Fri 22-Sep-17 08:08:21

Thanks everyone.

LifeofClimb Fri 22-Sep-17 13:04:16

I like the overall colour, it just looks like she hasn't gone right to the roots (or blended it) near the top. There's a darker patch to the left of your crown. The rest of it looks lovely!

Bluntness100 Fri 22-Sep-17 13:06:08

You've really pretty hair but agree the colour at the top isn't right, it is quite brassy. I think I'd go someplace else to get it fixed.

KellyMarieTunstall2 Fri 22-Sep-17 17:53:54

I went back today for them to fix it. What do you think?

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 22-Sep-17 17:56:33

That's much nicet. Phew - nothing worse than paying out gor hair anf then not liking it.

Babymamamama Fri 22-Sep-17 21:27:28

It's much better and brighter and the yellow is gone. Only a minor problem now with the roots not matching. Hopefully your main colourist is back soon? I would leave it for now. Don't over process by continuing to add more colour for the moment.

pilates Sat 23-Sep-17 08:47:56

It looks more blended and agree the roots not matching but would leave now. I thought the caramel colours you had previously were gorgeous btw.

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