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Recommend me a good hair straightener and tongs for thick hair

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Glamorousglitter Thu 21-Sep-17 10:18:27

Ugh! Just saw photos of our weekend away, hair was a mess. Think my 10 year old GHD is just not up to the challenge of my thick hair anymore. There s surely something more advanced on the market now that can make styling my hair easier ? So I m going to upgrade. I ve a good hairdresser, who cuts really well, but I cut a little too short last time so trying to get the length down to my shoulders before I cut it again.
I think I need s good GHD that helps to straighten it and also angood barrel tongs that can help with beach waves.

(Have a lob of sorts - cept it s a mum bob in last weekends photos!)

Also any product tips to help tame it greatful accepted - as long as it s not coconut oil Which doesn't work on my hair.
Hair type - (almost) shoulder length) highlighted, thick thick plentiful and difficult to manage !)

Runlovingmummy81 Thu 21-Sep-17 10:20:37

I've started using forest and shore hair oil on my thick hair and it's brilliant. On Amazon for about 12.99.

Someone recommended cloud 9 straightners on a separate thread.


Runlovingmummy81 Thu 21-Sep-17 10:23:06

Hallelujah Hair Oil® 100% Natural Certified Organic Coconut Oil Treatment and Protection - Moisturising And Repairing For Dry Damaged Hair - Promotes Healthy Hair Growth With Silky, Shiny, Smooth Results

27Harper Thu 21-Sep-17 10:38:29

I have pretty thick long hair and any ghd straighteners usually do a good job. Sorry I can't help with the tongs as I tend to curl my hair with my straighteners. SO much quicker than both straightening my hair and curling with tongs.

However I recently broke my pair of ghds (one of the plates separated from the straightener), so I have been using my backup pair of Nicky Clarke straighteners which are pretty good and they are not very expensive and you can usually get them for a good price. Sorry i dont know the name of them but they are red. A coconut oil spray can help smooth out the hair prior to straightening and it can make your hair really soft. As for curling, what I tend to do is spray dry shampoo (Batiste) throughout the mids and ends. It really helps to add some volume and it helps keep the curl in much longer xx

Glamorousglitter Fri 22-Sep-17 04:36:07

Don't you find when you use oil though that the hair is weighted down and doesn't hold styles as well? I m not convinced by hair oils. And coconut oil doesn't sit well on my hair.

Will check out cloud 9.
Would love to manage the waves with GHD but have tried and it just doesn't work out plus have so much hair think barrel would be easier

ChesterFuckingDraws Fri 22-Sep-17 04:40:54

I'm waiting on my ghds giving up the ghost so I can buy cloud9 straighteners. I've used my sisters s few times and they're so much better than ghds. My hair doesn't puff up in damp weather if i use them and they straighten it so much quicker.
I just use straighteners to get waves in, takes a bit of practise but gives good results.

Peaceonearthplease Fri 22-Sep-17 05:11:00

I've been using a silk sleep cap with miraculous results. Similiar hair to yours, shoulder length, thick & highlighted. My default look is dry frizz. I get a blow dry at the weekend before work, at night twist hair into a knot and stick under the night cap when nobody is looking In the morning, hair is bouncy & swishy with the ends turned under like a blow dry 🙌🏻 This method keeps the style for four days during the working week (my hair is not greasy so only wash on day 5, gross but there you go).

Peaceonearthplease Fri 22-Sep-17 05:12:20

This is the miracle worker. (I'm single grin)

violetbunny Fri 22-Sep-17 07:40:47

I have long thick hair and use the Cloud 9 wide plate straighteners. They are great. It's a shame GHD don't make straighteners like they used to.

Glamorousglitter Fri 22-Sep-17 12:00:07

Cloud 9 sounds like the biz.

The sleep cap s remind me of the illustrations of the wolf in little red riding hood 😂😂, but hey ho I'll give it a go. <dH is in for a treat eh!)

Runlovingmummy81 Fri 22-Sep-17 13:14:56

Apparently the guy who makes cloud 9 ones used to work for ghd.....

I use 2 or 3 drops of the oil so it doesn't weigh it down.

Glamorousglitter Fri 22-Sep-17 21:05:25

Any tips on how to get the waves with just a straightener no tongs?! On short think hair

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