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Anyone up..? I'm back with more scarves! Please help...

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ShmooBooMoo Thu 21-Sep-17 02:07:59

Present for mum, 60s but pretty trendy, short golden blonde hair, blue eyes, pale but tans, hates anything 'old-fashioned', hates flowery patterns, hates spots, hates animal print, doesn't like anything too loud or too busy, has asked for a lightweight scarf to wear with mostly blacks, greys, pale pinks, navy...
Can I ask what you think of any of these? Thanks! I appreciate it as I'm running out of time! Thanks!

CakeAndChocolate Thu 21-Sep-17 02:12:25

I like the first one best, and it seems to fit more with what you describe she is after.

guesswhosback Thu 21-Sep-17 03:40:54

First one

Others are boring

GaryBarlowsTaxReturn Thu 21-Sep-17 03:47:32

Deffo first one!

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Thu 21-Sep-17 03:48:31

1st one.


FoodGloriousFud Thu 21-Sep-17 03:52:59

Yep first one! Love it.

IamEarthymama Thu 21-Sep-17 04:25:35

Are you my daughter?😉😊

Your mum sounds very much like me and I love the first one.

Scarves like this need to make a statement!

I am unpacking my winter scarves this weekend, I love getting all the hats, gloves etc out, makes me dream of cold, sunny days, walks through fallen leaves.
Reality: it's going to be grey and damp and miserable!)

TakeMe2Insanity Thu 21-Sep-17 06:26:44

1st one!

The others look old.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Thu 21-Sep-17 08:18:01

They are all boring and wishy washy.

Get her something nice.

ChorusLine69 Thu 21-Sep-17 08:19:27

First one is lovely

KoolKoala07 Thu 21-Sep-17 08:21:11

First one.

Gah81 Thu 21-Sep-17 08:23:07

First one smile

squiz81 Thu 21-Sep-17 08:24:31

First one!

AstrantiaMajor Thu 21-Sep-17 08:39:40

First one

Trollspoopglitter Thu 21-Sep-17 12:11:08

Have you looked at Oliver Bonas? They have a lot of scarves that fit your description

Trollspoopglitter Thu 21-Sep-17 12:12:20

Take a look at the pictures of model wearing them, those pics I posted make them look quite busy

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