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Can I get a few quick opoinions on this scarf (to give as a gift)?

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ShmooBooMoo Wed 20-Sep-17 15:30:38

It's for my mum, early 60s but fairly trendy. Thanks.

Nearlyadoctor Wed 20-Sep-17 16:01:09

I like it, not really anything to dislike imo.

BaconAndBees Wed 20-Sep-17 16:02:39


MyBrilliantDisguise Wed 20-Sep-17 16:03:30

What's your budget, OP?

ErrolTheDragon Wed 20-Sep-17 16:04:27

OK but dull

millifiori Wed 20-Sep-17 16:04:43

It's lovely. The only thing I'd wonder if whether the colour is a bit draining on anolder woman. Fine if she has dark or golden skin but if she's very pale she might think it makes her skin look drab. I have to be very careful with what colours I choose for a scarf these days as the wrong ones age me by ten years.

SnowiestMountain Wed 20-Sep-17 16:04:51

It's ok, a bit full

SnowiestMountain Wed 20-Sep-17 16:05:02


hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Wed 20-Sep-17 16:10:19

Can't see it very well as the pics are tiny but it's OK but it doesn't fill me full of joy if you know what I mean.

Loyly Wed 20-Sep-17 16:10:36

It's inoffensive but really insipid.

Twistmeandturnme Wed 20-Sep-17 16:11:04

what does the writing say? I can't read the print on this screen.
If it says 'miserable old bag' then maybe not for your Mum..if it says something lighthearted or profound then go for it.

ThisIsVeryImportant Wed 20-Sep-17 16:19:36

It depends, what's the material?

ShmooBooMoo Wed 20-Sep-17 16:29:19

Thanks! smile Sorry, it's Mint Velvet , 100% polyester and £45. My budget is around £50 MyBrilliant (though my mother is aghast at spending more than £10 on a flimsy scarf!)
Millifiori She is pale, probably the second shade in in foundations, slightly yellow undertones. She wears tan though. She has short golden blonde hair and blue eyes. She hates florals or anything 'old-fashioned' or 'florid' and wants something to go with most stuff. Oddly, the MV site says it's black, while JL states 'slate' and it does look more darlk grey to my eyeTwistme I'm not sure what the writing says...something about dreams, I think. hellhath Sorry about's a link to scarf on JL site:

Thanks everyone smile

Squashit Wed 20-Sep-17 16:52:46

That is not a good deal and not a great item to my mind.

Does your mum like shoes? I bought these for my mum for £15 on Amazon and they arrived today and they look far more expensive. Bunion covering too and like Jigsaw ones. They are called Aldo Cherryhill.

ShmooBooMoo Wed 20-Sep-17 16:54:10

They're lovely, Squashit Thanks for sharing. She is a shoeaholic but definitely wants a scarf. I'm totally stuck cos she's so fussy!

Justgivemesomepeace Wed 20-Sep-17 16:59:36

I really like it- it would be easy to wear with lots of things. However £45 on a scarf? I am with your mother. If I was her I would like something very similar to that for the tenner, and a nice candle n pj's all for the £45!!

purpledonkey Wed 20-Sep-17 17:11:38

Fat face have some beautiful scarves at the moment. And much cheaper, leaving room in your budget for some chocs and flowers!

MyBrilliantDisguise Wed 20-Sep-17 17:49:27

I posted this Whistles scarf - I own it and it's beautiful.

MyBrilliantDisguise Wed 20-Sep-17 17:49:41

Posted it on another thread, sorry!

oldlaundbooth Wed 20-Sep-17 17:50:29

It seems dear for what it is.

Does she suit grey?

BritInUS1 Wed 20-Sep-17 17:51:00

I think it's a bit dull

Have you look at Desigual on Amazon?

ErrolTheDragon Wed 20-Sep-17 18:02:46

£45 for dullish polyester?

gonegrey56 Wed 20-Sep-17 18:23:43

Modern Rarity at John Lewis have a couple of lovely printed wool/cashmere scarves. £45 . Sorry can't do the link but they are unusual and wonderful colours. I particularly like the one with the sift grey background . Much better value !

Josiah Wed 20-Sep-17 18:56:25

That scribbly scarf is horrible.

I love grey scarves.

I prefer this

butterfly990 Wed 20-Sep-17 22:13:36|TRPKSTR

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