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Leather jacket for wedding?

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sofato5miles Wed 20-Sep-17 07:38:07

An old friend, in her 40s, is getting married next month. I am debating buying a leather jacket and though I might wear it. My dress is fitted wool in electric blue and I'll wear it with knee high, black suede wedge boots.

Is this a sartorial disaster?

FabulouslyGlamorousFerret Wed 20-Sep-17 07:40:08

Depends what sort of wedding? It probably wouldn't be great for a posh day do, but fine for a less formal wedding or just the evening do.

onalongsabbatical Wed 20-Sep-17 07:40:53

Personally I think it sounds both fine and delightful, but I expect there'll be some naysayers along soon. What will your friend think? If she's ok with it there's no problem, surely?

Highlove Wed 20-Sep-17 07:46:31

Depends on the wedding. Great big formal do with bride in a meringue = no probably not. Slightly more relaxed affair = probably fine.

BigGreenOlives Wed 20-Sep-17 07:48:05

Seems more birthday lunch in a pub to me - can't really tell without knowing more about the style of the wedding.

sofato5miles Wed 20-Sep-17 09:36:47

As they are both older, I'm thinking it won't be quite as formal. It's a civil service at a beautiful tudor hall. I am a bit meeja though, so might try and pull it off.

sofato5miles Wed 20-Sep-17 09:37:03

60 people

FabulouslyGlamorousFerret Wed 20-Sep-17 12:32:22

What does 'Meeks' mean?

FabulouslyGlamorousFerret Wed 20-Sep-17 12:32:54


ChinUpChestOut Wed 20-Sep-17 15:30:46

What colour, and what style is your leather jacket? And is it leather, or suede?

NC4now Wed 20-Sep-17 15:32:58

What's meeja?
Sounds like a nice outfit but probably not posh Tudor hall.

sofato5miles Wed 20-Sep-17 16:55:37

Sorry, meeja= media. So not super formal usually.

Haven't bought the jacket yet! DH has promised me one for our anniversary and I was going to ask for recommendations on the back of this thread.

ChinUpChestOut Wed 20-Sep-17 17:03:07

If it's a black leather biker, even if super stylish, I think it will look a bit like you haven't tried very hard, as it's quite a casual jacket. However, if it's suede, or a very chic non-biker style - more of an elegant look, then maybe you can make it work. I think I would be tempted to take the electric blue dress with you and try it all on together. You'll know when you see it on, but I'm still thinking that it won't look celebratory enough for the event.

sofato5miles Wed 20-Sep-17 17:08:59

I guess you are right. If, I am asking the question I know the answer?

AnguaResurgam Wed 20-Sep-17 17:09:00

What's age got to do with likely level of formality?

As it's a small wedding, you must be reasonably close to one of the couple, so I suggest you talk to them about desired level of formality (don't ask them bluntly if a biker jacket will be OK, because they'd have to say 'yes' just out of politeness, even if thinking WTF)

But as you're having to ask, I suspect that this is not your usual style, so the meeja excuse might not work. And it's not as if it was bought for the occasion, or that you'll be short of opportunities to wear it.

ChinUpChestOut Wed 20-Sep-17 17:39:02

It very much depends on the style of your dress, but would something like this work with your dress? Electric blue is actually a really difficult colour - black (I think) makes it look too sombre, but really light colours don't work either. However, as it's such a good strong colour, I really think you can wear something fabulous and decorative in either a jacket or a coat. What do you think?

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