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Are All Saints leather jackets really worth It?

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EarlessToothlessVagabond Mon 11-Sep-17 11:20:17

I am tempted. But 380 quid?! What makes them different/better to cheaper jackets. By cheaper I mean in the 100-150 range. I want a really good quality coat that'll last.

PNGirl Mon 11-Sep-17 18:43:15

It's both the leather and the cut for me. So, so soft and perfect length in the body (mine's the Bales). It's my favourite thing I own. I think it was £290 when I bought it.

You can get lovely ones from cheaper brands though. My previous was from Mango.

Pinkvici22 Mon 11-Sep-17 18:46:07

I really want one! Provided some MASSIVE hints to DH for an upcoming birthday...fingers crossed!

UnicornTears Mon 11-Sep-17 19:54:27

Allsaints is worth it IMO. Hardy, lasts for years and the cuts are incomparable. I own two of their biker boots, a fedora hat and waterfall jacket and they are all favorites of my wardrobe. And BTW i would say he cheaper ones are just as good, but dont ever have the same look.. im a fan of distressed styles though so. Its all About your individual style! Hope he buys you it hun x

squirreltrap Mon 11-Sep-17 19:55:31


Queenofthedrivensnow Mon 11-Sep-17 20:07:20

Yes they are worth it but they are in the sales twice a year so maybe worth waiting v for that

PNGirl Mon 11-Sep-17 20:19:26

They don't all go in the sale though, just seasonal styles and colours. However they do often do 20% promos for a few days at a time.

flissfloss65 Mon 11-Sep-17 20:23:27

Have you an All Saints outlet near you? I got my ds a great leather jacket reduced from £360 to £105 with their end of season discount. Lovely soft leather and great fit.

Racheyg Mon 11-Sep-17 20:26:30

Op try a sample sale. They do them quite frequently in brick lane.

Mine is attached. I got it for £150.00 reduced from £380.00

thirtyplusone Mon 11-Sep-17 20:32:32

a thousand times yes.

I have two from all saints, 1 is at least 8 years old, the other 6? I wear them all year round and they get even better with age.

Comparatively I purchased a rag & bone one 2 years ago and it's had a total of three outings, stiff as old boots and too heavy to wear. Can't even shift the bugger on ebay.

EarlessToothlessVagabond Mon 11-Sep-17 20:46:34

Yes there's an all saints within a JL I'm going to go at the weekend and see a few/try some on in the flesh. I like the idea of them ageing well. Thing is I am too impatient to wait for offers/sales!

ujerneyson Mon 11-Sep-17 22:36:25

I don't like them, I tried so hard to find one which suited me and couldn't. I did buy a beautiful one from mango though. The leather is so soft and the cut is perfect

bananafish81 Mon 11-Sep-17 22:40:03

Yes yes and yes. I would marry my all saints Belvedere jacket. I'm gutted they don't seem to make this style any more - if something ever happens to mine I shall be hot footing it to eBay. Tbh I sometimes think about getting one off ebay now just in case anything ever happens to mine and there aren't any for sale on eBay if it does!!

Mine has got better with age, the cut is just exquisite, and I've never seen anything like it anywhere else. I don't like ones with loads of zips and studs, mine is really simple and elegant. I always get compliments when I wear or because it's so flattering.

On a cost per wear basis 8 years after I bought it, it's pennies - one of the best value items in my wardrobe

mrsmildred Tue 12-Sep-17 08:23:54

@bananafish81 they do still do the belvedere, its been renamed the Bales. They do change the leather, I know because I'm on my third one in about six years due to changing size and also selling then regretting and buying again in a black friday promo. My latest is a slightly thicker leather than my original, but the style is the same as ever.

mrsmildred Tue 12-Sep-17 08:25:44

Also I forgot to say, a sales assistant told me the bales (belvedere) is one of their staple styles repeated every season. I liked it because it is plainer and less "biker" than lots of styles which Imthibk gives it longevity.

VeryPunny Tue 12-Sep-17 09:04:33

Yes, but they sometimes do 15% off. Wardrobe staple that will last forever.

Glamorousglitter Tue 12-Sep-17 09:33:50

Love my all saints leather jacket probably one of the most worn and best things in my wardrobe. Got it in sales too which makes it even nicer smile but worth full price investment tbh

3boysNeedABiggerKitchen Tue 12-Sep-17 10:43:00

Yes, I love mine

MooMinCow Tue 12-Sep-17 12:37:37

Belvedere lover here too. 3 years now and looks even better now. Haven't tried the Bales - does it have the wire in the collar that allows the collar to stand up?

revolution909 Tue 12-Sep-17 12:47:24

Yes! I love my Balfern with all my heart! Also got it off ebay for only £250 ;)

EarlessToothlessVagabond Tue 12-Sep-17 16:58:28

Thanks all. I've also heard they stretch a bit over time and it's better to size down a bit? True?

Racheyg Tue 12-Sep-17 17:19:35

Op When I brought mine the assistant said to size down.

EarlessToothlessVagabond Tue 12-Sep-17 17:47:51

Thanks Rachey.

zippyswife Tue 12-Sep-17 17:50:42

I got mine last October in the 20% or was it 30% off.. so for £230. I saw it as a real treat/investment piece. I do love it.

zippyswife Tue 12-Sep-17 17:50:59

... from All Saints I mean!

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