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Perfume Parlour Fragrance Dust. What to do with it?

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Liiinoo Wed 06-Sep-17 10:46:22

On a thread here last week a poster recommended Perfume `parlour. Like the obedient little sheeple I am I went on line and ordered some. It arrived today and the fragrance oil I ordered is BEAUTIFUL. Assuming it doesn't bring me out in a rash I will be ordering a bigger bottle soon, so thank you unknown poster.

I also ordered 'fragrance dust' expecting talcum powder. It is actually a small jar full of what looks like instant coffee granules. It smells lovely but I have no idea how to use it and the website doesn't seem to say. Does anyone know what I should be doing with it?

IPokeBadgers Wed 06-Sep-17 16:06:44

No idea, will also be interested to hear from anyone who has used it! I love gradually filling up an old yankee candle jar with the 3ml oils. Some I've loved, others not so much....but they are just so cute 😀

Bombardier25966 Wed 06-Sep-17 19:58:18

It's for the house, not you ;-)

You use it in an oil burner.

IPokeBadgers Wed 06-Sep-17 22:11:47

Aaah, ok, that makes sense 😊 thank you!

Liiinoo Thu 07-Sep-17 08:55:37

Thank you. I am excited to use it as it smells great.

CumbrianMum2 Sat 02-Dec-17 13:01:54

When you say use it in an oil burner, does that mean in water, or on its own?

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