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Acne Jensen boot wearers........

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shopafrolic Sun 03-Sep-17 12:36:38

Can you tell me how well they are wearing please? Are they as good quality as Acne Pistols?
Also, are they TTS?
Thanks smile

botemp Sun 03-Sep-17 12:59:54

I own both but perhaps am not the best to comment as I have high arches and particular feet that only like expensive footwear. I do better in heeled shoes than flats so my opinion is somewhat coloured by that.

I find the Jensens not as easy to do long distances on as the pistols. They were very though to break in for me needing lots of the compeed plasters as a result. When I know I'll be walking a bit I'll still preemptively stick them on. Pistols have been heavenly since breaking in.

Quality wise, I find all acne shoes pretty consistent in quality. I've had the pistols a lot longer than the Jensens so it's difficult to compare directly but in terms of leather quality and how the shoes are crafted I'd say they're pretty equal, the leather is nicer on the Jensens but it could be down to the fact that I have the pebbled leather.

I thought they'd be a great flat that could do heavy duty wear but in my case that didn't pan out as such. I did wear them in Paris a few days walking all day, it was manageable but not exactly comfy either. They're a great addition to the wardrobe though, they really elevate an otherwise boring outfit tremendously.

shopafrolic Sun 03-Sep-17 14:03:08

Thanks botemp that's very helpful. Do you wear the same size in both styles?
I am looking at cheaper alternatives but I think I'll always regret not buying the Acne version......

botemp Sun 03-Sep-17 20:49:13

Yes, same size in both styles and across all other footwear I have of theirs but the Jensen are a tad snugger. Possibly down to the tapered nose. I'm technically a 38.5 but usually end up buying a 39 most of the time. Pistols supposedly most people size down but that was too small in my case.

Definitely understand the hesitation with the lookalikes they really lack the precision and defining details and the ones I looked at were only about half the price but were most definitely not worth that price tag. Has the price been inflated by the GBP exchange rate? I think when I was looking it was cheaper to buy from Denmark as Acne tends to be lower priced in Scandinavia.

shopafrolic Sun 03-Sep-17 20:54:50

I'm not sure how they were priced previously but they are currently £410 from their website.
Lookalikes tend to be around the £150-200 mark but as you say, I'm not sure they are worth that price tag.
I'm looking at them as a potential birthday gift from my DH. It's the detail at the pointed toe that I adore - I haven't seen it anywhere else.
Thank you for your help. flowers

botemp Sun 03-Sep-17 21:18:50

The metal or the square bit? The square bit dulls a bit with wear. The metal bit is one of my most favourite bits about it, it catches the light in such a surprising way and makes the toe that much sharper. The only other brand I've come across who do similar metal detailing is a French brand called What For but they don't look much like the Jensens beyond that, lovely shoes though at reasonable prices.

By the sound of it they haven't upped the price, mine were €450 last year and they're the same price now and that would have been around £410 then.

I wouldn't leave it too long going by my experience last year, especially if you've got a popular size.

shopafrolic Mon 04-Sep-17 07:33:47

Yes, the metal bit.

Thanks again Botemp - will get to store to try on before buying.

botemp Mon 04-Sep-17 14:21:47

You're welcome! Hope you enjoy them, definitely go for a try on. I had my mind set on getting the smooth leather ones because they look very elegant with their high polish but when I tried them on in the shop it became pretty apparent that they're much more delicate in terms of scuffs and less likely to age well. I actually much prefer the pebbled leather as it looks very harmonious now that they're broken in.

rightknockered Mon 04-Sep-17 16:35:30

Tempted by these silver beauties now...

shopafrolic Tue 05-Sep-17 07:48:03

Yes they're fab rightknockered, not much call for silver boots in my village grin The red are gorgeous too. I definitely need to try them on......

botemp Mon 11-Sep-17 14:17:01

@shopafrolic , don't know if you've bought them already/had a proper fitting session but I just got an offer in my email inbox from Stylepaste in Denmark where they've marked down the Jensen's slightly (15%), they have a few different finishes. Shipping is expensive at 150DKK but altogether you'd still save yourself a bit (I think, I lose track of the fluctuating £, but in euros it comes out cheaper overall).

They also have the Loma in black suede which are like the Jensens but in a higher heel for nearly half off, limited sizes on that one though.

shopafrolic Mon 11-Sep-17 16:40:14

flowers botemp I'll take a look

shopafrolic Tue 03-Oct-17 14:32:07

Botemp I bit the bullet and ordered the pebbled leather. flowers It is true love. Thanks for your help smile

botemp Tue 03-Oct-17 19:28:36

I'm so excited for you, shop! Incidentally, I was wearing mine today and I still love them to bits. Though I did buy another pair of Acne boots (the star ones, great alternative to the pistols and even more comfier) last week too that's been vying for my devotion blush and I'm coveting a stupidly expensive coat of theirs.

I did find when I just had them that not all pants look great with them equally, skinnies are better cropped or slightly too long and a bit gathered at the end and surprisingly boyfriend jeans with rolled up cuffs look really great in summer. I also like them under long dresses with a split and with just opaques then go quite short with the skirt but that may just be a body type thing. Normal trousers are a bit hit and miss IME.

Anyhow, hope you have/had a great birthday cake!

shopafrolic Tue 03-Oct-17 20:25:01

Thank you for the tips. Interesting about the length of skinnies - I need to have a try in with various outfits.
My birthday is a month away so these are an early gift. They are so beautiful I am very happy smile

feelinginthedark Tue 03-Oct-17 21:18:17

These are amazing I need a pair grin

shopafrolic Mon 06-Nov-17 07:50:10

Botemp I finally got to wear my Jensens for the first time yesterday (another year older!). Thank you for all your help and sizing advice, they are just perfect and so comfortable. flowers

botemp Mon 06-Nov-17 09:37:38

Happy birthday Shop! cakewine

I've actually recently discovered something that's turned my Jensens into the ultimate dream pair that I'd hoped they'd originally be. Excuse the stupid name, but I bought some Say Hello to Longer Legs Invisible Heels to wear in sneakers, they lift your heel slightly making the ankles appear slimmer and adding a bit of height, and make legs look longer and slimmer too. It sounds a farce but it's amazingly effective. Leandra Medine from Man Repeller did a raving post on it sometime back. Anyhow, I didn't think they'd work in the Jensens as it already has a small heel but I was proven wrong and now I have cushy comfy boots that feel like trainers and I can now walk hours on end in my Jensens without repercussions.

I have the lower and taller version but it's the lower ones that I wear in the Jensens. The taller ones I stick in taller flatter boots which means the top edge of the leather isn't knocking into the back of my thighs anymore.

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