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Best leather leggings

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bananafish81 Fri 01-Sep-17 17:00:25

A pair of proper leather leggings is on my autumn lust list - I want to splurge on a decent pair of genuine leather leggings, after wearing the hell out of my faux leather ones (and wishing they were real leather)

Where does the best pair?

I tried J Crew on and absolutely adored them, I was practically mewing with delight as I stroked them - really comfy and looked great. But before I spunk an utterly obscene amount of money on a pair of trousers, where else should I be looking?

Baukjen? Me+Em? All Saints?

I don't think I want to even try a pair of Helmut Langs on in case I want to marry them and have to remortgage in the process, but any recommendations would be gratefully received

Otherwise I'll just go a bit nuts ordering ones from everywhere to try at home - any recs of ones to avoid?

AuntPol Fri 01-Sep-17 19:42:08

I can't help you, I'm afraid, but am bumping this for you, as I'm really interested to know as well!

I have my eye on the navy Baukjen leggings, but I'm open to any suggestions...

botemp Fri 01-Sep-17 20:22:53

<whispers> Helmut Lang

Joseph also do some very nice ones. By Marlene Birger are good ones to look out for in the sale or places like Tkmaxx. H&M and &other stories have decent ones at lower prices. Stay away from the Mango ones, have seen them hanging in store already falling apart at the seams.

botemp Fri 01-Sep-17 20:51:29

Oh, and Vince. Mustn't forget about Vince. They're ace too.

Also have a look at the Outnet and Yoox if you're lucky in the size department you can usually get the designer brands at half off or more.

DarthMaiden Fri 01-Sep-17 21:14:38

. But before I spunk an utterly obscene amount of money on a pair of trousers, where else should I be looking?

Please don't get spunk on an expensive pair of leather leggings. Despite what most men will tell you, it isn't a moisturiser and will not improve the the look, texture or smell of said clothing (or indeed any other skin).


Rosiemary Fri 01-Sep-17 21:35:04

Cos - very similar to Joseph leather leggings but a third of the price.

JanetStWalker Fri 01-Sep-17 22:52:44

I got the Hush ones last year, they're surprisingly good and still look great.

verite Fri 01-Sep-17 23:20:02

Baukjen leather leggings are fantastic. Have them in navy and brown. Size down however and wait for at least 15% off. They sometimes go in the sale at the end of winter as well.

AmberNectarine Sat 02-Sep-17 07:00:09

I have both Joseph and Helmut Lang. They are fantastic

CaptainWentworth Sat 02-Sep-17 08:17:00

I have some from All Saints, bought a year or two back when they had one of their 20% off everything offers. Still pretty expensive to me but I do love them. Planning to wear them for a hen night this evening actually!

They are so soft and comfy and fit well- goodness knows how they managed to make leather stretchy, but it is. Allegedly washable too but I've not tried that yet. I'm 5,4" and often find skinnies too long (think my inside leg is about 31") but these are fine- I suspect the proper designer ones would have been too long on me, as designer jeans at least always seem to be made for 6 foot tall amazons!

Elledorado Sat 02-Sep-17 10:56:32

Banana can I ask what brand are your faux leather leggings? Am tempted to try a pair to see if I'd wear them ...

mysteryfairy Sat 02-Sep-17 12:17:49

I have the Joseph leather leggings and love them. They come unfinished and I've never sorted out having them finished. I'm 5ft 10 and buy 36 inch inside leg jeans, but they are still longer than my legs. I love them and shove them in ankle boots. Don't get them if you are shorter and also lazy!

astoundedgoat Sat 02-Sep-17 12:43:38

This isn't especially helpful for pricing, but I got the Iris and Ink ones just today and OMG they're incredible. I'm going to be wearing them EVERY DAY until next summer, I suspect.

They're a perfect length (with zips), elasticated waist, and I'm a size 8 - 10, the leggings are a size 8 - 10 and they (unsurprisingly) fit like a glove.

bananafish81 Sat 02-Sep-17 18:42:46

Thanks ladies!! Really helpful comments - very much appreciated 

@mysteryfairy @AmberNectarine @botemp How true to size are the Joseph and Helmut Lang leggings? (Might as well throw caution to the wind and up the budget - my other investment piece has been a Burberry trench, so in truth I'm happy to splurge on the HL if they're worth the extra cash - as frankly this all pales into comparison with the £40,000 or so we've spent on fertility treatment over the last couple of years - the coat was significantly less than just the cost of 2 weeks of medications for an IVF cycle, the coat and leggings ALSO don't get me pregnant, but are significantly more aesthetically pleasing and longer lasting than a couple of sharps bins)

I'm 5'7" and a small size 8 at the moment - the size 8 J crew pair I tried on were too big, but the size 6 (US size 2) were a great fit. 

@verite how is the fit of the Baukjen ones? On the model they look like a looser fit - are they a proper legging?

@JanetStWalker Have to say the Hush ones also look a bit baggy on the model - how do they fit IRL? TBH I've had to send back everything I've ever bought from there as the sizing seems to come up particularly large...

@Elledorado My faux leather ones are really cheap and nasty ones from ASOS - there's loads more nicer faux leather ones from the likes of Mint Velvet, but the cheapo ones are a good entry level gateway drug 

@Rosiemary Will deffo check out Cos, thanks!

@CaptainWentworth I adore All Saints leather. I would marry my Belvedere leather biker jacket

The Malene Birger ones look sexy as hell, so think I should probably give them a whirl. I feel a mahoosive NAP order coming on - just not sure what sizes to order (or whether I should order everything in both a 6 and an 8 for comparison, I'll probably regret it if I don't, won't I?)

bananafish81 Sat 02-Sep-17 18:57:26

@DarthMaiden you mean leather isn't wipe clean?!! 

@astoundedgoat ooh never heard of them. Another one to check out!

botemp Sat 02-Sep-17 19:15:38

HL fits on the larger size. It sort of depends if you have chunky calves or not which can make the seams to tight around the knee. I'd definitely be looking at a US size 2 or even 0 with Helmut Lang. Marlene Birger also fits large, would get a 34 in your case. Joseph feels true to size to me but that may be down to the fact that they have euro sizing and as a euro myself I always get lost in all the conversions.

If you are going to do a mahoosive order may I suggest you open up to other colours too. Black is great but it's actually the pair I wear least, it feels a tad more dressy despite them being a sort of staple. Also the faux ones only really look good in black so there isn't much of a differentiation that shows off the quality of the leather. Burgundy, olive, navy, deep greys make for great alternatives and I end up wearing those more often. I also wear my grey suede ones a ton despite thinking it would be impractical.

Things still working out well with your skin with Dr. Emma?

bananafish81 Sat 02-Sep-17 22:40:49

Soooo, I've had a very rock n roll Saturday night, and currently on the table we have...

Joseph (£725)

Helmut Lang (£920)

By Malene Birger (£665)

Iris and Ink (£395)

J Crew (£545)

Me+Em (£599)

Cos (£250)

bananafish81 Sat 02-Sep-17 22:44:04

Second division:

All Saints (£398) (in the photo they look more like pleather than genuine leather, do they actually look better IRL than online?) 

Hush (£345) (not a fan of the fit on the model)

Baukjen (£349) (baggy crotch on the model)

&otherstories (£255) (weird button pockets)

On the 'considered but rejected' pile (where 'considered' = 'took a closer look and laughed')

These ones from The Row - yours for the princely sum of....wait for it.....£2125

Or even better, a natty pair of glossed textured leather culottes (several words that should never be uttered together) by Valentino for a bargainous £3455 

NAP only have (gasp) cropped leggings from Vince in stock, they are, er, interesting looking to say the least 

The HL ones are so beautiful I might order them just to lovingly stroke them 

Size wise my fear is Ross from Friends leather trousers incident except in reverse, where I can get them on, but not off again!

(and very sweet of you to remember @botemp - my acne has improved by leaps and bounds, and really really pleased with the botox. Massive thumbs up for Dr Emma!)

AmberNectarine Sat 02-Sep-17 22:51:16

I am also a small 8 and have a 4 in my HL, which are possibly a little on the big side but I wouldn't want the elastic cutting in. In Joseph I have a 36, which I'm happy with - I feel they size a little smaller. I also have Michael Kors in a 0.

AmberNectarine Sat 02-Sep-17 22:53:17

I also have an H&M pair, which were c £150 and the leather is excellent quality for the price, for anyone looking for a more reasonably priced option.

maggiso Sat 02-Sep-17 23:03:13

I've a pair of half leather leggings ( the back is stretch fabric) from M&S (Autograph) and I adore them. Mine are a few years old, so the fabric on the bum is beginning to show some wear now. They are still made but are a less expensive alternative for people wanting a comfortable version. I am short so they may not be long enough for tall folk.

SwedishEdith Sat 02-Sep-17 23:24:49

Have just been looking at these from Celtic & Co

Sarahsue1 Sat 02-Sep-17 23:28:48

Ok lots of expensive leggings here - I am a leather legging fiend so can't add to any of the naaaice ones (won't say how many i have bought on credit card🙈) BUT anyone on a budget - every year river island bring out some thick leather leggings (well they have done the last few years anyway) they never lose shape and are very flattering and stretchy - good for a bargain buy and they look more expensive than they are.

Sarahsue1 Sat 02-Sep-17 23:29:51

Leather LOOK even. But way better than any of the other imitation ones.

CallingPeopleACuntOnFb Sun 03-Sep-17 00:32:10

Agree with the river island "leather" leggings ! They're amazing for the price

Desperate for some real ones, I covet the all saints ones 😩

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