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Anyone a fan of Fly London?

(19 Posts)
MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Tue 22-Aug-17 16:56:00

I used to wear Fly London a lot a few years ago and kind of fell out of love with them, started thinking they were fugly and a bit too quirky.

A few pairs of high heels and lots of back problems later I feel myself being drawn to them again. The wedge on most of their styles gives me the height I need without crippling discomfort and I love the variety of colours.

Am I alone?

Cocolepew Tue 22-Aug-17 16:57:52

Me. Its the heels that does it for me , they are so bloody comfy .
Shit in the rain mind you.

neveradullmoment99 Tue 22-Aug-17 17:07:01

No. I have quite a few pairs. I dont find them ugly but i do like quirky anyway. Tons of people that i know where them to work.

hiccupgirl Tue 22-Aug-17 17:19:09

I have 3 pairs of their shorter boots which I love. They're really comfy and I've had no problems in the rain though I do spray them with waterproofing stuff.

I don't like their shoes though.

FeralBeryl Tue 22-Aug-17 17:31:09

I love their boots, like someone cuddling your feet. I did find the leather stretched quite a bit though so ended up needing 2 pairs of socks after a couple of months.
Oh and yep - shit in the rain.

onlyconnect Tue 22-Aug-17 18:32:37

I had a terrible experience with them customer-service wise when a pair of shoes virtually disintegrated when it rained. Never buying from them again.

sohelpmegoad Wed 23-Aug-17 18:35:29

I love love love them, I have too many pairs to count in all the colours, however, im mid 50s with very dodgy feet, and a bad back and no fashion sense at all, so Im maybe not the best person to ask,

(My 76 yr old mum sends me her fashion cast offs, oh the shame...)

Squashit Wed 23-Aug-17 18:43:43

I do. My feet have become more uncomfortable recently and they are so good if you are on your feet a lot. I have Mes 3 in brown, mes originals in petrol and some oily sandals.

I don't tend to get on so well with the higher wedges as they are nowhere near as cushioning as the boots.

PinkFluffyFairy Wed 23-Aug-17 18:44:15

I ❤ them! Not fugly at all! Retro 😁

LunaTheCat Wed 23-Aug-17 19:08:25

I have 2 pairs boots and one pair shoes I bought in early autumn sale and haven't worn yet - will this summer though ( live in NZ - nearly spring!)
One pair boots have worn for. 3 owners now and still look great and comfy ( back short ankle) bought a lovely tan pair in sale a few weeks ago which I've just started wearing and also look great with dresses - I love the ankle boots and floaty dresses look.
I always get great comments when I wear them and think of them as my docs without the terriblewearing in.

Paintbox Wed 23-Aug-17 19:44:49

i think fly are a bit marmite, those who like them absolutely love them. I know many who do. I really strongly dislike them but it would be boring if we all liked the same things

mejon Wed 23-Aug-17 21:05:47

I've got two pairs of the Salv Chelsea boots and a slightly higher ankle one with buckles and wear them almost continuously from autumn until it's time for sandals again grin. Mine have been fine in the rain - and I live in mid-Wales so we've got plenty of the stuff. I shall probably have to replace the oldest pair this year as the sole is beginning to split.

I like the look of the shoes (and love the colours) but can't walk in heels so stick to the low-wedge boots.

Waitingforgodot Wed 23-Aug-17 21:29:01

Not a huge fan but currently boycotting them as they have a style of boot called "mong" which I think is hugely offensive in this day and age

EraArils Wed 23-Aug-17 21:46:00

I've recently donated 5 pairs of Fly London boots to charity. My feet have helpfully decided to go up a size. I now have my eye on a pair of demi925fly. I don't need any more boots so these move into the want category.

TheDailyWail Wed 23-Aug-17 22:40:24

I do but they're far too expensive.

NotAnotheChinHair Thu 24-Aug-17 09:09:06

I am a fan but I get them from Amazon as they're usually much cheaper and if there's any issues you can return them.

Currently have my eye on these ones but hoping for a price reduction:

MaudesMum Thu 24-Aug-17 13:32:56

I'm a fan, as I find them really comfortable and a bit funky, and I can manage a bit of height with their wedges (I've got a slightly dodgy ankle so don't do heels otherwise). I'm currently wearing a pair of wedge shoes which I've worn to interviews and weddings (Poma), and a pair of wedge ankle boots with laces (snappily known as Yarn772) for the winter. Also a pair of elderly black sandals which are no longer in stock, but kept going for ages. I do keep an eye on their sales (and sales of stockists such as Jones) to keep the price down, but they have lasted well so if I do pay full price, I don't feel too bad about it.

PatchworkGirl Sat 13-Jan-18 21:18:52

I like the look of them (and wore a green pair to death a few years ago) but they're not as hardwearing as I'd like for the price and the bright colour looked pretty rough after a while. I now prefer boots with less/no heel but if they introduced flat ones I'd definitely be tempted!

OlafLovesAnna Sat 13-Jan-18 21:31:48

I love mine and they've been going strong for a few years - they're quite expensive for me though which is a shame as I'd love more styles. My friend got some Heavenly Soles boots which look really similar and she says are wearing pretty well too.

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