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Fashionable Petite Clothes - Coat Help!

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Beaubeagle Sun 20-Aug-17 10:45:18

I'm 5'1 so have to buy things like trousers, jeans and dresses from petite ranges. Tops usually aren't a problem.

I've noticed in recent years that most of the high street petite ranges are really poor and a lot of the things only really suited to 'older' shoppers.

I'm 35 and a size 8-10. I normally buy things from Next or occasionally River Island but I'm looking to 'invest' in a nice, smart (wool?) winter coat for every day wear. I want to spend in the region of £300 but I'm really struggling to find anything that isn't too long on the high street. Any ideas where I can go? I would also love some ideas on a style of coat to go for. I want something fashionable but not something that will date quickly. TIA!

Floisme Sun 20-Aug-17 11:57:53

I sympathise as a fellow petite but I can assure you its no better for 'older shoppers' smile I've never found a decent petite brand and don't bother with any of them any more. I just bite the bullet, buy 'mainstream' and get things altered.

What I do find is that vintage coats and jackets are often cut smaller, especially on the shoulders. Likewise some of the so called teen brands - although the quality's unlikely to be good.

However I wouldn't rush out to get a coat shortened just yet as it looks to me as if hemlines are dropping.

NotMeNoNo Sun 20-Aug-17 17:49:51

I think there is no hope for coats. I found one in Lands' End a couple of years ago but it's very plain, you have to style it up. It's as much the sleeves and waistlines as the overall length.

Banana Republic do petite and so do Boden up to size 14, they may have some better quality coats coining out soon. Not high street I'm afraid!

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