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Does anyone have any mega easy failsafe tricks for up do's for work please

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zenasfuck Sat 19-Aug-17 22:05:56

I've just started a new job in a professional role. I have shoulder length thick hair and left loose it looks a bit untamed

I am shit at doing hair. I can manage a pony tail.
Does anyone have an super easy tricks for simple up do's or ideas to look a bit more polished ? Something I can do in around 5 minutes ?

weaselwomble Sat 19-Aug-17 23:22:20

Pretend you are getting in the bath/shower. grin It's a running joke in my family that if I throw my hair up for the bath, (don't even have to look in the mirror while doing it) and it will look like a trendy messy bun style thing perfectly. Do the exact same thing any other time and it looks like shit.
Sorry OP, I am sat in the bath right now quote annoyed that my hair looks OK for once.
In actual answer to your question I can't help. I too can only do a ponytail and even that looks a bit shit. I have watched countless videos, been shown in person etc and am resigning myself to the fact that its just one of those things I will never be good at. Along with make-up. I must be missing the genes.

weaselwomble Sat 19-Aug-17 23:23:05

Oh God typos left right and centre there, sorry.

DismalDaphne Sat 19-Aug-17 23:35:46

Any good?

zenasfuck Sat 19-Aug-17 23:40:17

Yes @weaselwomble - why does that happen. I can put my hair up for a bath and it looks amazing. But spend an hour doing it and it looks shit. Wwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy????

Thanks for the link

weaselwomble Sat 19-Aug-17 23:44:25

You have no idea how pleased I am that that happens to someone else zen.
Sorry I wasn't any actual help though grin

zenasfuck Sat 19-Aug-17 23:52:40

@weaselwomble gringrin

Loungingbutnotforlong Sun 20-Aug-17 00:06:10

Try 'the small things' blog- a former hairdresser, she does loads of upcoming hair tutorials

Deecee1012 Sun 20-Aug-17 00:13:40

Have you tried one of these clips...couple of quid and quite effective!

Bardolino Sun 20-Aug-17 00:23:27

At risk of sounding completely stupid, what do you do with that clip?!

I'm in my 40's and, for the first time ever, my hair is past my shoulders. I see all these hair accessories in the shops but I have no idea what I'm meant to do with them.

Zen and weaselwomble - I'm with you. Think I'm missing the make-up gene too, I did occasionally make an effort but now I've decided I'm just not going to bother. Wouldn't mind some ideas of what to do with the mop before I decide just to get it cropped again so thank you for this thread, and thanks for all the suggestions.

Belindaboom Sun 20-Aug-17 00:27:46

Buy a bun donut thing, they look polished

joangray38 Sun 20-Aug-17 00:30:12

Pony tail into a plait then put plait in a bun? Or just leave plait as it is.

NC4now Sun 20-Aug-17 00:31:32

A low, side bun looks smart for work. Neat or messy, either works.
How are you with a donut? I've got too much hair but on some people they work really well.
My other suggestion would be a really tidy ponytail. Either quiff the front, or clip it to one side. Don't just scrape it back. Tie a strand round the bobble and make sure the pony itself is neat with straighteners or curls,

Deecee1012 Sun 20-Aug-17 00:32:42

The clip opens up and you literally scoop hair up in the middle, bring ends of the clip together and fasten.
My hair is shoulder length and very thick - works a treat in 2 mins.

newproblemnewname Sun 20-Aug-17 00:35:10

I don't have a bloody clue what to do with hair, but IME this is as easy as it looks

You don't actually need the tool to do it, but it helps and is dead cheap. No need to bother with the bow either.

zenasfuck Sun 20-Aug-17 13:24:57

Thanks for all of the replies. I do have a donut but find it looks too severe and o can't figure a way of making it look a bit more undone
Will check out the blog now too
Thanks xx

SecretLifeOfSam Sun 20-Aug-17 13:54:55

I live in this style, so easy and looks very professional I think

ChardonnaysPrettySister Sun 20-Aug-17 13:57:53

Dry shampoo. You need grip.

Not to v confused with a grip.

zenasfuck Sun 20-Aug-17 14:10:19

@SecretLifeOfSam that's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for !

But the pictures confuse me, if you'd be so kind as to talk em through it as though you were talking to the very stupidest person ever I'd be so grateful

SecretLifeOfSam Sun 20-Aug-17 19:46:12

I don't do the back combing bit, I start with a ponytail, then poke my finger and thumb through the hair from underneath (not the pony tail - the bit closest to your head) and separate it into two. Then grab the end of the ponytail with your finger and thumb and pull it through. You can tighten it by tugging at the hair closest to the elastic.

Hope that makes sense grin

AnneLovesGilbert Sun 20-Aug-17 20:02:54

Is there a video where I can see it secret? Or what's it called? Looks great.

KatoPotato Sun 20-Aug-17 20:08:57

I was using a bun donut all wrong for years, until I was shown the correct way!

Pull damp hair into pony tail (no bobble) and place the donut around it and pull to the very ends.

Now roll the hair around the donut and down towards your head. As the hair goes round the donut gets closer and the hair more secure.

Added bonus is that your hair dries curly!

KatoPotato Sun 20-Aug-17 20:12:21

Sorry, just to add, that's how to use a donut without it looking fierce and too polished! My technique gives a shapely voluminous bun!

SecretLifeOfSam Sun 20-Aug-17 21:07:31

This is the closest I could find, but personally I think she makes it look more complicated than it is, I don't use any grips at all.

I found it on Pinterest, have a look, honestly it's my best friend!!

Thegiantofillinois Sun 20-Aug-17 21:11:07

French twist. Hold hair. Twist round like you would fir butterfly grip. Pull / brush hairs from right side over it and use horseshoe pins horizontally. Horseshoe pins changed my life.

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