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Best leather jacket, please?

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user1497991628 Sat 19-Aug-17 00:03:56

Biker style, I think, black, soft leather.

Not too long, not too short..

I am a size twelve, big boobs, not thin, and in my forties, but don't want anything frumpy.

imjessie Sat 19-Aug-17 00:37:55

All saints !

user1497991628 Sat 19-Aug-17 00:38:45

Are they really good....? Quite pricey...

imjessie Sat 19-Aug-17 01:16:03

They are lovely and soft , not cheap but very well made.

3boysNeedABiggerKitchen Sat 19-Aug-17 07:31:16

All saints, but go to a store and try on as each one is different even within a range. The scary looking young & trendy staff were really helpful to me when I bought mine 2 years ago. I still love it.

CheckingMyPrivilege Sat 19-Aug-17 07:39:37


PNGirl Sat 19-Aug-17 08:51:49

All Saints Bales is my favourite wardrobe thing.

If you're looking for a price that starts with a 1 rather than a 3 then Mango can be good.

MaisyPops Sat 19-Aug-17 08:53:57

I got one from Mango years ago. Lovely and soft leather and I wouldn't be without it.

babynugget Sat 19-Aug-17 08:59:12

I got a beautiful soft one from river island for my birthday. I think it was between £90 and £120. My DH bought me two different ones as he was not sure which one I would prefer but the RI one is just gorgeous.

user1497991628 Sat 19-Aug-17 12:24:32

Thanks all. May brave All Saints and try...that does scare me a bit, so good to hear they were nice in there!

I tried a Topshop one, but the only one I liked was in the Tall range, and although I am quite tall it was just too long for perfection.

Will,look at Mango and RI too.

imjessie Sat 19-Aug-17 13:26:50

They are really nice in my experience. I think they have been taught to be because it's poles apart from the likes of Karen Millen etc!! Size down though as mine stretched and it too big now !! 🙄🙄🙄

missfliss Sat 19-Aug-17 15:23:25

Honestly I read a lot of posts here about leather jackets and how All Saints ones were amazing, I also read about the dark grey hush one. I have been to All Saints and looked and the jackets are beautiful. I also ordered the Hush one and it was lovely - just not enough for me to spend nearly £300 on.

In the end I spotted one I liked in the ASOS sale. It was a Barney's one reduced by £100 to £100. I thought what the hell and ordered two sizes fully prepared to return if they weren't up to scratch.

It was up to scratch and I kept the smaller one ( size 12).

So in short I would think about budget and order a few and return what doesn't work. Expensive ones are lovely, but mine was much cheaper and is also lovely. It looks very much like the Hush one.

PNGirl Sat 19-Aug-17 15:53:42

I almost bought a Barney's from ASOS last year - good to know they are worth it!

Floisme Sat 19-Aug-17 15:55:20

I've seen the Oasis ones recommended on here (I think by Remus) and I tried one on in a charity shop yesterday and was impressed - thick and heavy, soft leather and not too much hardware. Unfortunately the sleeves were way too long or I'd have snapped it up.

imjessie Sat 19-Aug-17 15:57:59

I've actually got a mango one too , sorry I didn't think about the actual cost ( very generous dh ) there are some fab ones around for £100 . Def look at asos .

HolgerDanske Sat 19-Aug-17 16:12:37

I just, not five minutes ago, bought a lovely one from Jaeger.

£299, down to £199 in the sale, extra 20% off with their current promotion.

teaandcakeat8 Sat 19-Aug-17 16:14:29

Second All Saints bales.

I wear mine everyday. If you can wait a couple of months - I bought mine with 20% off in Black Friday sale?

userofthiswebsite Sat 19-Aug-17 16:23:40

Boda Skins - British company
The Kay Michaels - their most popular I have in black and red, both are nice

Also I've their Napolean which is so well fitted

I recommended them to someone else on MN recently.

user1497991628 Sat 19-Aug-17 16:36:55

Ooh, more ideas, thanks all.

I love extra long sleeves so might looks at oasis, never thought of them.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 19-Aug-17 16:38:45

I've got a couple of Oasis ones (yes, it was me!) and they are lovely. Have also got a Mint Velvet one but it's nowhere near as good as the Oasis ones.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 19-Aug-17 16:40:06

Weird about the sleeves though, Flo. I've got short arms but the Oasis ones are fine on me. Tend to shove the sleeves up on all jackets anyway though, in true Don Johnson style.

waitingforgodot Sat 19-Aug-17 16:52:03

I am same size and build as you op. I am not a fan of Next however I bought a lovely black leather jacket last year. Think it was about 120 quid. It's really good quality and I wear it all the time. Really flattering on

Rassy Sat 19-Aug-17 16:54:27

I bought the Washed Leather Jacket (£169) from Top Shop last month. It is just fab - my search for the perfect leather jacket is over smile

Floisme Sat 19-Aug-17 16:57:12

Yes it was weird Remus - I'm used to sleeves being a bit long on me but this was comedy length and I couldn't see a way to fix it. Shame as it was lovely leather and in good nick too.

user1497991628 Sat 19-Aug-17 17:02:32

Yes, it was the washed leather topshop one, butvtheynonky had it in the tall range and it just doesn't suit..

BUT I've just ordered an oasis one- frustratingly the sizes are SML so never sure, but gone for a medium as the model was wearing an XS!

I looked at the All Saints one, but was concerned about the funnel neck idea: I can't put it up as it will just get covered in makeup 😳 and it looks nicer on that side.

The sale Jaeger one was only in khaki, and I need black. Can't wait til Black Friday as I have An Outfit planned for a concert in September 😀
So will see.. the j

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