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What are the best jeans money can buy?

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Beadieeye Thu 17-Aug-17 10:17:40

Jeans shopping is the worst! I don't think I've been fully happy with a pair of jeans in years. I just can't seem to find my 'perfect pair'.
I've reasoned with myself it's ok to spend the same amount I would on a decent coat or leather jacket, on the right pair because I'll wear them loads.
Does anyone know of any?

silkpyjamasallday Thu 17-Aug-17 15:36:54

I don't think it's a question of how much you spend, it's just trial and error of finding the right cut for your shape. I've had jeans that cost £200+ and many pairs from various places on the high street, the expensive ones were no better in my opinion. I suggest going somewhere like selfridges that have high street and high end and dedicating an afternoon to trying on as many pairs as you can across all price points.

I haven't properly shopped for jeans in ages, it is a real pain in the arse. Topshop Baxters were my go to until they changed them a few years ago, made them skinnier and put in more elastic, ruined them and my last pair ripped at the crotch so I can no longer wear them. I am keeping them in the hope that when I have time I can find a tailor to replicate them exactly.

Ilikegarlicbreadxx Thu 17-Aug-17 15:45:09


ZaraW Thu 17-Aug-17 16:00:07

My favourites are from Mother, J Brand and J Crew.

SweetChickadee Thu 17-Aug-17 16:01:17

Best ones I've had are from Banana Republic

FreakinScaryCaaw Thu 17-Aug-17 16:03:35

Do you know where I recently bought a gorgeous pair of jeans for £18? Morrisons! Bloody love them. They're skinny so not everyone's cup of tea. But I'm quite flabby and they're so flattering.

PNGirl Thu 17-Aug-17 19:40:05

In my experience, having thighs that rub together, nothing will stop them wearing through in about a year whether they are expensive or supermarket. The main thing you get for more money is less bagging at the knees/bum and a nicer wash.

My limit is about 70 quid and for that budget and under I've liked Topshop, Gap, Levi's, ASOS, and even New Look.

Ihavepatrick Thu 17-Aug-17 19:45:07

J brand, Frame or Goldsign.
Tkmaxx quite often has £££ jeans for decent prices.

Beadieeye Thu 17-Aug-17 19:49:20

Thanks for the suggestions smile
I think I will definitely go and dedicate some time to trying on loads of pairs (and try not to have a mini breakdown).
The best pair I ever had were topshop Baxter ones, I wore them and washed them to death but have been unable to get the exact pair since.
I had an ok black pair from New Look but they're a bit too low cut and she the knee slashes.
Worst ones I've had were all from French connection.
I'll try the supermarkets, I've heard Sainsbury's do some good ones too!

Beadieeye Thu 17-Aug-17 19:50:31

Had the knee*

Hoppinggreen Thu 17-Aug-17 19:55:03

Almost all of my jeans come from Sainsbury's
I've paid £££ for jeans but they haven't fitted as well as my sainers ones

BluePheasant Thu 17-Aug-17 19:59:18

Best jeans I've had have been from J Brand and Joules.

Worst have been Next and new look.

woollychimp Thu 17-Aug-17 20:01:33

My latest jeans are from Fat Face and they are really good. I think cost around £39

Last ones (still own though they are wearing thin in places upper thigh are from M and s). possibly about £50 but worth it because they lasted.

Ktown Thu 17-Aug-17 20:03:37

Top shop baxters circa 2000
I multiple bought and still wear them daily

Crispsheets Thu 17-Aug-17 20:05:03

Goldsign are excellent. Expensive but last years.

JanetStWalker Thu 17-Aug-17 20:22:17

J Brand, Paige and MIH.

silkpyjamasallday Thu 17-Aug-17 21:33:10

@Ktown you have no idea how envious I am of you. If I had access to a time machine I would go back and buy every pair in my size I could get my hands on (and maybe a few sizes up to account for any future weight gain) would be perfect as it wouldn't alter the course of history too much and I would have my perfect jeans forever more.

KimchiLaLa Thu 17-Aug-17 21:40:18

I have great Ones from topshop and ASOS. I don't think it's necessary to buy expensive jeans to get a good fit.

TealStar Thu 17-Aug-17 21:43:42

I used to wear 7, citizens, j brand etc but high street jeans have evolved loads in the last ten years. My faves are Oasis Jades, and H and M premium jeans are hit and miss but also good.

TealStar Thu 17-Aug-17 21:44:26

I had baxters 10 yrs ago but didn't like their lack of stretch.

Titsywoo Thu 17-Aug-17 21:58:53


carrie74 Thu 17-Aug-17 22:00:25

I love my Paige jeans and currently am rotating 3 pairs (2 bought at outlet mall in USA, third bought secondhand on eBay, so all very reasonably priced). They're soft, don't go baggy, and my ones have high waists that are very comfortable whatever I've had for lunch grin

LBOCS2 Thu 17-Aug-17 22:01:27

I like Fat Face or Gap.

I've tried some cheaper brands but I don't like the colour they come in. It's that rather than the wear or shape which puts me off - they just don't seem to be able to get a natural worn look to them, even if they try.

LovingLola Thu 17-Aug-17 22:03:44

Topshop Leigh moto.

Ktown Thu 17-Aug-17 22:04:24

Tealstar: the lack of stretch was the point of them for me! Much more forgiving smile

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