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I won a bottle of Britney perfume

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cherryblack Sat 12-Aug-17 11:49:10

A couple of weeks ago I won a bottle of Britney Spears Circus perfume at the village show.

Never in a million years would I have bought this myself but today I had a squirt and it's actually really nice. I keep getting a waft of Britney whilst doing the housework.

Have you tried any perfumes and been surprised by how good they smell? Now I'm wondering what all the other celeb perfumes are like.

Bravas Sat 12-Aug-17 11:51:29

I love the Britney perfume, Jlo is nice too.

MadisonAvenue Sat 12-Aug-17 11:54:44

I used to wear the Britney Spears Fantasy one, really loved it. Sniffed it in Boots one day and was surprised at how nice it was. Might get myself another bottle actually.

cherryblack Sat 12-Aug-17 11:59:13

I've just looked on Amazon for Britney perfume and I didn't realise that she has quite a few different ones. Not very expensive either.

I always think of poor Britney when she shaved her hair offsmile

SuburbanCrofter Sat 12-Aug-17 12:04:37

I bought SJP Lovely after a recommendation on here. I love it & wear it every day!

FoofFighter Sat 12-Aug-17 12:12:27

I really liked the Christina Aguilera one in a black lacy bottle blush

tissuesosoft Sat 12-Aug-17 12:13:07

JLo Glow is one of my favourite perfumes

AnneGrommit Sat 12-Aug-17 12:19:28

Britney perfumes are great for the price and also last a long time on me. I've been a fan of them for years.

I also like Lovely but I have to top it up during the day (not really an issue as it's relatively inexpensive). I like JLoGlow too!

I guess it makes sense that some celeb perfumes are good - after all, they can afford to get good people in. I'm pretty sure Britney does naff all personally in terms of the manufacturing!

cherryblack Sat 12-Aug-17 12:41:19

I have read a lot of recommendations on here for sjp lovely. I haven't tried it but think I will.

needsomesunshineandwine Sat 12-Aug-17 12:47:25

SJP - lovely is one of my faves.

Cheap but smells great.

DereksGotATail Sat 12-Aug-17 12:57:14

I bought a Taylor Swift which is teally nice.

DereksGotATail Sat 12-Aug-17 12:57:27

* really

34AQuid Sat 12-Aug-17 13:04:02

SJP Lovely and J-Lo Glow get a lot of love from perfumistas.

J-Lo Miami Glow is a good holiday fragrance if you like tropical, coconutty scents.

I like Madonna Truth or Dare (although its not for the faint hearted - very strong, tuberose fragrance). Sofia by Sofia Vergara is good quality, too.

NachoAddict Sat 12-Aug-17 13:06:48

I like the Britney one in the pink bottle, fantasy I think.

Lasts longer on me than my Armani too.

problembottom Sat 12-Aug-17 13:19:15

I used to wear a Kylie perfume. Mortifying but I really liked it! DP made me laugh one Christmas - he said he had wanted to get me a bottle so he asked in Selfridges and they very snootily told him to go to Boots. grin

KeiraH Sat 12-Aug-17 13:21:12

I used to wear JLO Glow quiet a bit

Copperspot Sat 12-Aug-17 13:25:57

I have britney fantasy as my guilty pleasure grin whenever i wear it someone always asks what i'm wearing (in a good way).

I can't stand britney curious now though after drenching myself in the stuff all through high school

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Sat 12-Aug-17 13:33:37

Copperspot, when people ask what you're wearing, do you actually admit to a bit of Britney, or do you say something like; "oh, I picked this up from a little perfumery in Stow-on-the-Wold."?

silkpyjamasallday Sat 12-Aug-17 13:36:24

A friend at school used to wear the Britney Spears perfume in the pink diamanté bottle, our creepy male maths teacher used to make a point of leaning over to smell her when we passed him in the corridor, and informed us he had bought it for his girlfriend for Christmas! It is a very nice smell, not for me as it is too sweet but I can see the appeal.

Lucked Sat 12-Aug-17 13:41:54

JLO had one called Deseo which is great for hot summer evenings. I think it is discontinued now.

Must try Glow.

Not celebrity but I have picked up lots of lovely perfumes in Zara, large bottles are usually around £15

Beadieeye Sat 12-Aug-17 13:56:50

I liked a kate moss one, think it was called velvet hour. It was really smokey and smelled a bit like parsnips! Think it's discontinued.
Lovely by SJP is smells delicious. The scent lingers longer in the spray satin version.

cherryblack Sat 12-Aug-17 13:56:56

I've just ordered a sjp rollerball trio on the perfume shop for £10 with free delivery.

Lovely, lovely sheer and NYC all 10ml.

Just the lovely roller ball on its own is £10 for 10ml. I can't wait.

gingerbreadmam Sat 12-Aug-17 14:00:29

jade goody shhh is about £10 for a 50ml gift set its gorgeous.

Beyonces perfumes are about the same price too and also really nice.

212 sexy isnt massively expensive and lingers and lingers i love it.

same with hugo boss deep red.

QueenofBlah Sat 12-Aug-17 14:59:58

I once squirted on some Victoria Beckham perfume which was next to the till in Superdrug. Loved it so much I went straight back to buy it. It was the main perfume I wore for years, luckily nobody ever asked me what I was wearing I'd have said Chanel

squoosh Sat 12-Aug-17 15:06:55

To declare or not to declare? That is the question when wearing a celeb perfume and someone asks you what it is.

Brazen it out and say 'IT'S SWEATY DESIRE BY CAROL VORDERMAN' or mumble 'Ummmm it's an old bottle of something expensive, can't quite remember what it's called'.

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