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Has the 'Tall girls' website gone?

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mmmmmchocolate Thu 10-Aug-17 13:57:10

Or is it just offline at the moment? I desperately need some tall tights and I've left it until the last minute 😂

PavoReal Thu 10-Aug-17 14:18:46

I was wondering the same thing. I've been lusting after some of their veh fancy slippers for those large of hoof. Perhaps a good thing I'm low on cash and I didn't order.

BombaySapphire101 Thu 10-Aug-17 14:46:28

I'm starting to think they've gone bust. Some trousers I returned have just come back to me with a refused sticker. I emailed the sales email address and got a bounceback. Glad I didn't do a big order as I've lost the money on the trousers. Best lose a few pounds so they fit! grin

qwertina Thu 10-Aug-17 16:12:15

According to tall maternity store on fb Tall girls have ceased trading. Bollocks!

qwertina Thu 10-Aug-17 16:13:41

On the plus side Long Tall Sally has massively improved over the last year.

mmmmmchocolate Fri 11-Aug-17 12:09:16

Ah thanks guys.. that's a shame. We need more tall ranges , not less! Yes I'm going to order some from Long Tall Sally but I didn't want to pay the extortionate prices lol!

Bellabelloo Mon 14-Aug-17 22:29:22

I placed a large order at the end of July for my holiday this week and have been chasing and chasing them. Crap. I'm going to have to go shopping after work now and hope my credit card company cover me.

AliciaMayEmory Mon 14-Aug-17 22:49:54

I saw this on Instagram yesterday. It's getting harder and harder to find decent tall clothing. Next is just really odd in their sizing and new look's range is a bit hit and miss. do a tall range too, although I think I will only try the basics as I ordered some trousers from there and they ended up being a cross between leggings and those crimpolene trousers favoured by my granny in the 1980s!

I need to start running up my own, I think!

Longleggedlovely Tue 15-Aug-17 08:17:20

Yup they've gone sad and is tall girls definitely do need more stores not less! I've got a slightly different conundrum now I'm pregnant - any ideas for tall maternity wear (apart from ASOS)?

Therealslimshady1 Tue 15-Aug-17 08:25:48

I am 6ft, and buy my trousers at Dorothy Perkins! Cheap, but mostly ok.

Crispsheets Tue 15-Aug-17 08:28:17

I've just done a big Next order for trousers and kept 7 pairs of jeans/ trousers.

Bellabelloo Sun 20-Aug-17 19:49:32

Longlegged, I got some nice comfy mat jeans from Topshop tall. X

Passthecake30 Sun 20-Aug-17 20:36:35

I wear tights from M&S, their large fit 5ft10-6ft size 12-14 or something...

Tallgirls never worked for me. I have a very capsule wardrobe courtesy of Next Tall (work) and Long Tall Sally (jeans and tops) and it's all getting very worn out..

Jojomalojo01 Tue 29-Aug-17 21:01:43

Just spotted this thread. Sadly Tallgirls ceased trading but their stock has been bought up by AFM International trading as www.legsfor Sadly they cant honour refunds but with me they offered a credit note option. All the clothes stock is still available and at some good cost savings. Unsure at the moment if they are going to continue to develop the lines and restock. Soemone was asking about tights - I have a 36inch inside leg and the best tights I get are Primark XL 50 deniers in the winter. Plenty of length and cheap.

MagnusShoes Tue 05-Sep-17 14:38:53

Afternoon Ladies, I'm new to this Mumsnet lark so please be gentle with me! Tallgirls has indeed gone pop & resurfaced under another name mentioned above. Not sure of its future though as I share many suppliers with them who have stated they will no longer continue making for them due to non-payment. If can help in any way with any of your larger footwear or tights requirements then don't hesitate to give us a shout. Retail is very difficult at the minute & i don't think a) you've seen the last of specialist low volume sites going under & b) with the uncertainty over Brexit & the corresponding drop in the value of sterling prices are only going to go up - I'd urge you to all use the independent retailers out there so we can help you in the future - if we are not here we can't do that!. We have been specialising in larger shoes for over forty years in the UK in sizes 8-12.

If I get enough replies to this message i'll set up a mumsnet discount code for you - be nice to me!

Kind regards, Simon.

MillieMar Tue 05-Sep-17 16:47:54

Hi Simon (MagnusShoes),
Always sad to hear when a company goes under, even more so when it's a company for tallies, as our options are so restricted anyway. Have to say that I've shopped at Magnus for a while and always pop in to the Chiltern St store whenever I'm in London. Please don't desert me as well!

Exhatt Wed 04-Oct-17 20:39:17

I am also gutted about Tallgirls! I'm not particularly tall, but have been shopping there and at Magnus for over 20 years and have no idea what I'd do if Magnus went as well! Can't understand why there seem to be fewer places to buy ladies shoes in a size 10 now than there were 27 years ago when I first got lumbered with whopping great feet as a 13 year old. Surely people are getting bigger rather than smaller?! But then I know of quite a few ladies with size 9s but no one else with a 10, so maybe there isn't the demand... Please Magnus, don't go anywhere!

MagnusShoes Thu 05-Oct-17 08:15:49

Thank you MillieMar & Exhatt - We have no plans to go anywhere yet!

Crispsheets Thu 05-Oct-17 08:20:13

I was in Chiltern Street on Saturday. The service in Magnus is awful. No greeting, it's all too much effort to go and get stock for the customer and generally not a pleasant experience. I go in 3 or 4 times a year and it's always the same.
And your Gabor boots are more expensive than After 8 shoes and Katie Long.
So I went to Crispins and spent £600 and got superb service.
You need to up your game.

SciFiFan2015 Thu 05-Oct-17 08:23:14

Maybe you can all help me? I'm a tall girl from the torso up. So long body and (incredibly) long arms. Think 2" longer than average. I cannot find jackets or tops that fit properly.
My legs are not long! LTS tops and jackets are the only thing that fit my arms and body but lately they have been frumpy and always too expensive. Where else would be good for me?

Crispsheets Thu 05-Oct-17 09:10:36

I find Esprit and Gap Tall ok

MagnusShoes Thu 05-Oct-17 09:36:36

Crispsheets - I'm sorry you feel this way, I hear the staff greeting customers whilst on the phone & in-store on a daily basis & as for it being too much of an effort to get the shoes for you - it's simply not true.
Regarding pricing - We are the middle of the road on pricing - I take onboard your comment re After8 (who haven't bought any new styles from Gabor for a year & won't until Fall '18) & Katie Long Shoes - Neither of these have expensive central London shops to pay for & believe me they are ridiculously expensive to rent & run -You take your choices & on this occasion you have chosen to go elsewhere.

Greebz Thu 05-Oct-17 09:43:25

Noooooooo sad I loved Tallgirls sad much cheaper than LTS and some gorgeous items. I did stop buying in about 2013 though as their clothes suddenly became much poorer quality? Did anyone else notice this? And the labels didn't say Tallgirls anymore.

Crispsheets Thu 05-Oct-17 09:47:05

I could have bought 3 pairs of shoes from Magnus in Saturday but due to poor customer service will buy them elsewhere. Unfortunately you do have a bit of a captive market...people shop with you because there isn't a great deal of choice. I was taught in retail management to welcome complaints as it means you can improve your customer service.

Crispsheets Thu 05-Oct-17 09:48:08

greebz I never rated the clothes much. I met the ladies who owned it at their pop up shop...really nice people.

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