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Boots own brand curl creme - discontinued.

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MissFitton Thu 27-Jul-17 18:19:36

After a tip off on here about Boots curl creme (the cheap, pink tub) I've sworn by this product for my thick curly hair for ages. Now they appear to have discontinued it so looking for recommendations which wont break the bank.

ReedBunting Thu 27-Jul-17 18:20:39

Noooooooooooooooooooo! shock

WaspsAreBastards Thu 27-Jul-17 18:25:17

Oh that's no good!

BikeRunSki Thu 27-Jul-17 18:26:16

I was hoping this thread would have some answers, I'm seeking out my last half-tub.

theaccidentaleconomist Thu 27-Jul-17 18:26:56

The staff in my local Boots in Ireland were adamant that it isn't being discontinued when I asked them today. I bought their last seven tubs just in case....

Ollivander84 Thu 27-Jul-17 18:28:15

Depends what you're after really. The boots curl stuff changed ingredients (had a drying alcohol in so was no longer curly girl safe)
I use cantu define and shine custard but it has to be used on soaking wet hair and it leaves a cast which you scrunch out. Or I use cantu twist and lock gel which is lighter

MissFitton Thu 27-Jul-17 18:29:18

I've just checked the Boots website again and it says sold out and won't be receiving any more stock.

Having failed to find any in whilst out and about the last few weeks I bought up the last three tubs in my local one. grin It's ace stuff!

MissFitton Thu 27-Jul-17 18:31:40

I just want to be less frizzy! The Boots curl creme was the only thing I'd found which did the trick and was dirt cheap. I'll check out the cantu stuff and get over the fact that hair product called a 'custard' sounds a bit wanky grin

ijustwannadance Thu 27-Jul-17 18:34:10

Maybe they are just changing the packaging? (Clutching at straws)

I started using it about 15 years ago. It's the best pink goo ever. 😭😭😭

CrowRoad Thu 27-Jul-17 18:50:30

Oh FFS, really?!

I can't live without this stuff. I'm going to have to trawl all the stores in a 25 mile radius. Gah.

hugoagogo Thu 27-Jul-17 18:53:56

Dd has an asda curl cream in a tube, I can't imagine it's expensive.
Should I ask her if it's any good?

Foxsox Thu 27-Jul-17 19:04:18

It's the only thing I use, mostly because it's not 1 million pounds
I've been using it for donkeys!!! At least 18 years!
I thankfully have a stockpile of 4 tubs as I don't go to town often so kick one up whenever I do.
I'll send DH in tomorrow to buy uo what's left.
Following for advice on an alternative.

OfficerVanHalen Thu 27-Jul-17 19:05:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JennyOnAPlate Thu 27-Jul-17 19:06:09

I used to use boots curl creme but now I use eco gel (the olive oil green one) which I buy on Amazon. It's a very reasonable price for a massive tub and works very well on my very thick curly hair.

TisapityshesaGeordie Thu 27-Jul-17 19:07:43

The Cantu curl activator cream isn't bad.

OfficerVanHalen Thu 27-Jul-17 19:16:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LilaoftheGreenwood Thu 27-Jul-17 19:18:38

NOOO! How can they DO this to us? Yes curly girl friendly I think in the sense that it has no silicone in (I'm pretty sure, too lazy to go and find my tub).

LilaoftheGreenwood Thu 27-Jul-17 19:20:38

Oh I see I missed the alcohol revelation. Ah well then. Farewell you treacherous pink goo, you were great once.

ggirl Thu 27-Jul-17 19:21:37

It will be back with a swanky new name and about ten times the price.

SilentBob Thu 27-Jul-17 19:24:32

V05 I think it's called anti frizz creme or no frizz creme and then underneath that it says 'with heat defence' or some such. I bought it as an add on in a Threefer and I think it works better on my v curly, v thick, v long hair!

SilentBob Thu 27-Jul-17 19:27:38

I may have bought an old one because I swear mine doesn't say smoothly does it on but the rest of it looks the same!

MissFitton Thu 27-Jul-17 19:45:30

Glad to hear there are alternatives. I'll miss the pink goo though. <sigh>

AnneGrommit Thu 27-Jul-17 19:49:18

This is an ABOMINATION. How am I ever supposed to leave the house without this stuff? I'll lose my job. And the cats will eat me. Boots, this rests at your door.

Wineoclock81 Sun 17-Dec-17 13:33:04

Ive just checked online and its showing as being in stock so not sure why people are saying its discontinued?

omBreROSE Sun 17-Dec-17 16:40:02

This is a reasonably old thread wine maybe Boots took notice and left it as is? smile

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