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B&M Make up eraser

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copperthing Fri 21-Jul-17 17:26:26

What witchcraft is this?!

Has anyone tried these? - they are fantastic!
White soft flannels that completely remove all make up with just water, mascara too.

Two per pack for £1.99.

McBounty Fri 21-Jul-17 17:42:53

I haven't tried them, but I will now.

Thanks OP.

turtlewoman Fri 21-Jul-17 21:36:03

Do you have a link?

copperthing Sat 22-Jul-17 07:08:56

I don't have a link to the ones I mentioned but here's one from Amazon

My daughter is a convert - she has breakout skin but it's completely calm since using these smile

msrisotto Sat 22-Jul-17 07:13:36

I feel stupid for buying the same thing in boots a while ago for £12. BUT i'll never buy chemical and disposable cotton pads to remove make up again.

Also....these really are just microfibre cloths but for some reason, it is news to me that they are perfect for removing makeup.

copperthing Sat 22-Jul-17 07:22:22

I was wondering what was different from the usual microfibres cloths. The texture is different but let's see.

I've also been eying up the pretty bags of bamboo breast pads and wondering the same thing.

I will conduct an experiment using a clean kitchen cloth and report back later hmm

MiniMummy576 Fri 28-Jul-17 08:20:05

@copperthing do you mean you can use bamboo breast pads for removing makeup? shock

FagAshMIL Fri 28-Jul-17 08:29:45

Rave reviews on Amazon but my brain can't compute! How/why do they work?

copperthing Fri 28-Jul-17 22:18:19

I haven't tried yet but they look the same hmm

The real ones are amazing though, no idea how they work so well.

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