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Can you find this but cheaper?

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tethersend Wed 19-Jul-17 18:39:41

I like this, and have been after something like it for ages- BUT... this one is too expensive. Would pay £45 max.

I need:

-half or 3/4 sleeves (at least elbow length)
-knee length
-scoop or v neck
-thin jersey not ponte etc.
-size 16
-no pattern of any kind

I thought they'd be everywhere. They're nowhere. Help!

furryelephant Wed 19-Jul-17 18:44:48

Would this work?

LoupGarou Wed 19-Jul-17 18:46:30

How about either of these? I really rate Amazon for Jersey dresses, all the ones I've had have been really cheap but brilliant quality, wash really well and look loads nicer in RL than in the photos.

TheBitterBoy Wed 19-Jul-17 18:47:09

Debenhams £29 here

burnishedsilver Wed 19-Jul-17 19:07:26

H&M usually have that style in a variety of colours.

tethersend Wed 19-Jul-17 19:54:00

Thanks all smile

Hadn't thought of amazon... unfortunately those are too flared, but will see if I can find a pencil/bodycon style.

The necks are too high on the others (and sleeves too long on the 1st one)- I've found so many which are nearly right, but nothing which matches my fusinness requirements!

tethersend Wed 19-Jul-17 19:55:49

Nothing on H&M sad

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 19-Jul-17 19:59:13

I was just pondering this one but there's no size 16.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 19-Jul-17 20:00:33

This looks nice but a bit over budget.


tethersend Wed 19-Jul-17 20:15:48

Hi Remus smile

Thanks for looking. I actually bought the Boden one a while back- it's really lovely but very long sleeved and double layered, so a bit hot to wear atm.

The first people tree one has sleeves which are too short, the second ones are too long, and both necks are too high.

tethersend Wed 19-Jul-17 20:16:52

I realise how fussy I sound grin

TheWoollybacksWife Wed 19-Jul-17 20:17:03

Anything suitable here? There's a fair few that are above the knee/mid thigh on the model but I'm a short arse and they'd be knee length on me grin

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 19-Jul-17 20:21:51

I've missed you, Tethers! Where have you been hiding?

Obviously I'll fail you in finding you a dress, but it's good to see you anyway! grin

Kr1stina Wed 19-Jul-17 20:25:32

Bodycon style in thin jersey doesn't work for me as I have too many lumps and bumps. Thin jersey is very unforgiving unless it's loose or flowing.

Of course you may have no lumps over which you wish to skim grin

Groupie123 Wed 19-Jul-17 20:26:39

Hobbs had them in navy

tethersend Wed 19-Jul-17 20:45:24

Oh, there are lumps... so many lumps... I just don't care grin Plus, firm but fair knickers wink

Good to see you too Remus. Has term ended yet? Mine ends tomorrow and I'm on my bloody KNEES.

Definitely don't want navy.

That other site keeps reloading so I get a glimpse of the dresses then they disappear- they all look a bit too short though.

TheMasterNotMargarita Wed 19-Jul-17 20:46:43


RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 19-Jul-17 20:50:21

Two more days and ready to drop. So much to do too. Weeps.

Topshop etc used to have stacks of these dresses and now nobody does. I've been looking for one for months.

tethersend Wed 19-Jul-17 20:56:06

Nothing on Asos. For the first time EVER. Everywhere used to have them!

Two more days. Grim. Mind you, our neighbouring LA don't finish until next Friday shock

Kimber2 Wed 19-Jul-17 21:31:07

PattyBoutik got the kind of styles that you are looking for at your budget. They'd be gorgeous on a slim body. They are on Amazon too. So you can check them out there as well

NatureAbhorsAHoover Wed 19-Jul-17 21:38:41

sleeves are too long

Bloody hell, that's the most easily fixable thing there is! I'm sure you can find a dry cleaner who'll do it for a fiver?

Remus I sooo miss the TSA threads <weeps>

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 19-Jul-17 21:42:43


chopper23 Wed 19-Jul-17 21:43:01

I have one nearly identical from asos??

tethersend Wed 19-Jul-17 21:49:42

Well technically you can have anything altered to make it what you want- but where's the fun in that? Plus, I want it quickly, so dry cleaner/altering one isn't going to work.

Do you think a maternity one would work? Plus there's ruching, lest my lumps and bumps offend grin

LoupGarou Wed 19-Jul-17 22:17:58

I have a couple of the Happy Mama amazon dresses from when I was pregnant, I still wear them now and they are very comfy and flattering, I always get asked where I got them from when I wear one grin

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