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Your best cleansing balms

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PollyPerky Mon 10-Jul-17 14:15:36

I've used Clinique and loved it but at £23 it seems a rip off - though did last 6 months.
I currently just use micellar water but don't think it really removes all make up - prefer to use it after another cleanser.
I like the friction of using a wet facecloth as it's a great exfoliator.

Looked in Waitrose today and saw they do their own for around £5 or they had Balance Me at 20% off. £16 for 125 mls.

The thing I like about the Clinique is it melts on your skin whereas Liz Earle rubbish pongs, is thick and a bugger to remove. Hate it.

mewkins Mon 10-Jul-17 14:42:43

Lush ultrabland is brilliant

mrslebon Mon 10-Jul-17 14:43:23

I use the Clinique too and keep coming back to it. It lasts a long time and does the job. But I tend to buy it off eBay or Depop to cut down on the cost.

bunnybleu Mon 10-Jul-17 15:32:06

The Waitrose Pure one (white tube, pink writing) is a balm but is grainy so good for exfoliating, although maybe not every day. Good price though. The Body Shop balm is nice too, worth trying when they've got 40% off.

bagelbaby Mon 10-Jul-17 15:37:57

I love the Waitrose one and I was a devoted Liz Earle fan!

achangeisgonnacome Mon 10-Jul-17 15:38:22

I was using the Emma Hardie Moringa balm and it's just finished. Melted everything away and made my skin feel really clean.

However it's about £28 for 50ml, so gonna try out the Clinique one as have seen good reviews elsewhere.

How well does it work on waterproof mascara ?

domesticslattern Mon 10-Jul-17 16:02:22

Body Shop chamomile one is very nice. A repeat buy.

mrslebon Mon 10-Jul-17 16:11:05

@achangeisgonnacome - I used to use Emma Hardie too but was never really keen on the scent. The Clinique one has a similar effect in that it melts everything away, but without the powerful smell.

LovingLola Mon 10-Jul-17 16:14:55

Balance Me.

TheBitterBoy Mon 10-Jul-17 16:21:38

I really like the Waitrose one, but as previous posters have said it is grainy, so no good for removing eye makeup, more of an occasional morning cleanser. I love the Emma Hardie, but it's going to have to wait for my Christmas list. I have just bought the Pure rose cleansing balm from M&S today, £12 for 85g, I haven't tried it yet, but it smells nice, not too overpoweringly strong, or unfragranced. I really struggle with that spooky 'plastic' smell that unfragranced products have. Obviously great for sensitive skins though.

Theworldisfullofidiots Mon 10-Jul-17 16:22:59

Lush ultrabland for me too!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 10-Jul-17 16:23:01

TBS camomile is what I use.

ElfrideSwancourt Mon 10-Jul-17 16:25:07

I like the Soap and Glory one - peaches and cream. It doesn't have a strong smell and removes mascara really well. It's usually on offer in Boots.

achangeisgonnacome Mon 10-Jul-17 16:25:53

Hello mrslebon* I love your name btw- fellow Duranie here- John Taylor for me though smile

Thanks for the Clinique info. I'll give it a shot.

I didn't actually mind the smell of the Emma Hardie balm.

Cakescakescakes Mon 10-Jul-17 16:31:35

Emma Hardie by far melts the best onto the skin and rinses most cleanly.
Clinique and Ultrabland are much thicker and harder to massage in and tend to leave a slight film (the Lush one in particular). The Clinique one smells a bit like lard to me too...
The Boots Botanics one is so thick that I couldn't get it washed off even with a good scrub with my flannel. Horrible and gave up after 4 goes.
So as a summary I like Emma H but it is sooo £££ and have not really loves any of the alternatives I've tried so far.

Cakescakescakes Mon 10-Jul-17 16:35:47

Also found Liz Earle doesn't rinse as cleanly as I'd like. I love the smell though - but I first used it when pregnant with my son so it reminds me of that every time I smell it smile Have just bought some Kiehls hand salve that smells the same and it's nostalgia central here at the minute!

BagelGoesWalking Mon 10-Jul-17 16:46:49

Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleanser (£19 for 120ml) is one I might try if I feel like splashing out some ££££s.

La Roche Posay Toleriane cleansers are good if you have sensitive skin

WeeM Mon 10-Jul-17 17:19:15

I couldn't live without the body shop camomile balm. It literally melts off my doublewear which is notoriously hard to get off. Also takes of mascara easily and doesn't irritate my eyes. Works best with their soft cloth (it's like a thin ramer sponge)

ClarkWGriswold Mon 10-Jul-17 17:23:28

Another vote for Emma Hardie. It makes my skin feel beautiful

Orangebird69 Mon 10-Jul-17 17:27:52

I love EH. TBS camomile is good too. Cliniques TTDO is good. Also, it's not a balm as such but Superdrug's Naturally Radiant hcc is fab and so cheap.

ArieltheMermaid1720 Mon 10-Jul-17 17:41:42

I love EH too but cannot justify the price. I really like the body shop chamomile cleansing balm, but have just started using Superdrug radiant hot cloth cleanser and really rate it.

wobblywonderwoman Mon 10-Jul-17 17:45:28

I have started using Liz earl hot cloth and absolutely love the smell and gentle feeling

bingohandjob Mon 10-Jul-17 17:55:35

Eve Lom is the lasts ages and I love how easy and effective it is. It's done wonders for my skin.

AnnaNimmity Mon 10-Jul-17 17:58:24

Emma Hardie is my favourite too.

Orangebird69 Mon 10-Jul-17 18:04:57

Wobbly, the Superdrug Naturally Radiant hcc is a ringer for LE, and less than half the price too.

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