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Well I've had a sort out and now need

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HermiioneSnape02 Mon 10-Jul-17 13:20:47

Help in replenishing the gaps in my wardrobe.

Following on from another thread on which I commented. I've finally had a wardrobe sort out. I have a big bag of clothes and shoes to go to the charity shop and another pile I've listed on eBay.

It was birthday last week and I've got some vouchers and money to spend, hence me wanting to do this sort out now.

I've got:

£150 for house of Fraser - new bag?

£50 for newlook (mum thinks I'm still 20 I think lol) - sandals or basics like vest tops?

£20 Boots - looking for non perfumed body moisturiser and nice foot cream. I'm using palmers foot magic but it's SO greasy I can't walk for an hour after putting it on.

£50 cash - not sure?

Does anyone have an ideas or items they've been lusting after that they can recommend.

I have 5 different Radley bags. And a nice leather jacket and I always but my shoes from Clarks as most shoes rub me hmm

Thanks x

BusterGonad Mon 10-Jul-17 15:09:04

I can't help but thought I'd reply to give your thread a boost! If it was me I'd spend the HoF voucher on really good underwear and buy a bag with the £50 cash. For body moisturizer I like body butters or ones with oil in.

HermiioneSnape02 Mon 10-Jul-17 15:23:17

Thanks Buster. I don't have much luck on style& beauty. Even though I'm a desperate case smile

glasshalfsomething Mon 10-Jul-17 15:25:29

What gaps do you think you've got in your wardrobe?

Do you think you need another bag?

What about some really good jeans from HoF?

HermiioneSnape02 Mon 10-Jul-17 15:29:26

I don't have a really. I've cardigan. I know they are a little old fashioned but I like them.

I have some gap jeans which are ok. But that could be an idea. I don't know Jeans brands very well.
I would like some black low heeled sandals but may use the new look voucher for them And hope they don't rub me.

Other than that I'm not sure. My heart says a bag but as mentioned I have a few and it's not needed. Plus I'm not lusting after a particular one.

I have a few nice tops. Not high end but oasis, Wallis and mint Velvet. I have a couple of nice coast dresses for going out.

That's why I'm stuck. I don't normally run out to spend vouchers but there's a sale on at hof at the moment and don't want to miss it.

HermiioneSnape02 Mon 10-Jul-17 15:30:17

That was meant to say:
I don't have many gaps in my wardrobe. I would like a really nice cardigan maybe?

BusterGonad Mon 10-Jul-17 15:31:12

No probs Op, there's a whole list of stuff I'd buy with that money but I'm not sure what your style is.
I agree with glass good jeans are always needed, at the moment I'd buy jeans, bras and pants sets, a nice handbag not designer, just nice, I'd love a Clarins facial oil, and maybe a designer lipstick!

OutandIntoday Mon 10-Jul-17 15:32:08

Frasers has a big bag sale on at the moment- worth a look.

BusterGonad Mon 10-Jul-17 15:35:02

I recently bought these 2 and they are really flattering and super comfy, they look great both casually and dressed up over dresses and shoe boots. The beauty is that HoF have Oasis too!

HermiioneSnape02 Mon 10-Jul-17 15:35:48

I've had a look at some "nicer" moisturisers and I'm a tight wad. I don't think I can pay £39 for some moisturiser grin

I agree it's a lovely amount to have to spend but it's also overwhelming tbh.

I asked for money and vouchers as I wanted to treat myself and have a shopping day/spree. Rather than some more candles and bath sets I can't use with my eczema prone skin. (Sounds shallow I know)

But now I have the means for a shopping trip I'm frightened about making an expensive mistake and wasting the money. Hence me falling back into looking at bags.

HermiioneSnape02 Mon 10-Jul-17 15:36:58

They look perfect Buster. Thank you. I'll have a look now. I do like oasis at the moment.

BusterGonad Mon 10-Jul-17 15:38:06

OP some of my favorite clothes have been bought on a whim! The things that catch your eye and you think "sod it" they are the ones you truest love because you've not over thought them! Well, for me anyway! He he

BusterGonad Mon 10-Jul-17 15:39:07

Op they are light not heavy but I find them very flattering. I'm tall with big boobs and a tummy and they really slim me down! I actually feel rather elegant in them!

HermiioneSnape02 Mon 10-Jul-17 15:39:56

I quite like these sandals

HermiioneSnape02 Mon 10-Jul-17 15:42:12

I'm not tall with big boobs grin

5.5 size 14/16 hourglass so everyone tells me but I hate clingy clothes. Really hate them.

I like Fit and flare dresses and always go up a size so it's a little looser.
I might just have a mooch around rather than online. I'm going graduation dress shopping with DD tomorrow so can have a look then. Although I prefer to shop for myself on my own.

BusterGonad Mon 10-Jul-17 15:42:30

The sandals are very cute, I'd wear them!

BusterGonad Mon 10-Jul-17 15:43:46

I wear fit and flare and skater dresses too. I'm a huge Oasis fan as I find 90% of their dresses suit my figure. I think the cardy will suit you too!

IHeartDodo Mon 10-Jul-17 15:46:31

You could try TK Maxx if you're not really sure? New look shoes IME are very plasticky so might not be great...

LorLorr2 Mon 10-Jul-17 15:48:34

I like to look on Pinterest for outfit inspiration, notice things I seem to be drawn to (it could be a certain type of shoe, a colour of a top) and look for those things to copy myself. I've got some nice pieces by doing that when I knew I needed a good wardrobe update but didn't know where to start.

InglouriousBasterd Mon 10-Jul-17 15:49:08

New Look sandals are generally really comfy in my experience - those are lovely.

I wouldn't get a new bag if you have five decent ones!

Moisturiser-wise, with a Boots voucher, I would be looking at Avene - lovely for eczema prone skin.

HermiioneSnape02 Mon 10-Jul-17 16:49:38

Thanks Buster.
I'm not a fan on Pinterest. It doesn't seem to work for me. I put in size 14. Or hourglass or dark jeans. Anything really and i get loads of advert type pictures not anything that can clink to a purchase. If that makes sense.

I'll take a look at tkmaxx. Again haven't been in for clothes as I thought it was a "thin" shop. Bit like miss Selfridge.

I might try the newlook sandals on. I don't normally do this either. I usually try on at home.

Judydreamsofhorses Mon 10-Jul-17 19:49:25

Depending on where you live, I might be tempted to hang fire and buy some really nice autumn/winter bits. Here it was 13 degrees today, and I looked sadly at my summer dresses before choosing an appropriate outfit. Re body lotion, I really like the Avene cold cream range which is currently on buy-one, get-one-half-price in Boots.

SesameSparkle Mon 10-Jul-17 19:59:52

If I had 150 to spend in hof, I'd probably have a good rifle through the sale looking for a bargain on a leather jacket. Oh and possibly the whistles concession too. And maybe oasis if there's anything left over there wouldn't be.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 10-Jul-17 21:00:24

Could you use the £50 cash for some Clarks sandals? Might make more sense than using it on New Look sandals, if you know that Clarks ones suit your feet.

New Look - agree that basics could be the way forward, and maybe a jersey jacket or something?

House of Fraser - it doesn't sound as if you really need a bag. Agree that a leather jacket or a couple of pairs of jeans would be good. Or maybe some perfume?

Boots do a lovely footcream in a little pot. It's green and is in the aisle with all the insoles, foot scrapers etc. It's v cheap and really nice. I like to put it on before bed and wear cotton socks for a while to let it sink in.

BusterGonad Mon 10-Jul-17 21:18:27

The best cream I've ever used was a hand cream from Japan containing urea. It was only cheap but the urea is the key ingredient I believe!

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