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45°C - what to wear?

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Cinderellamovedout Sun 09-Jul-17 13:38:13

We're heading to Las Vegas next week and predicted temperature is 39-47°C.

To be honest I'm hoping that walking through casinos and using air conditioned monorail will be our friends, but we will need to be outside at some points I think.

I'm losing weight, but am currently a size 16-20 (depending on shops. I'm 5'3 ). What can I pick up, reasonably priced, to wear? (Usual wardrobe is jeans, ankle boots/trainers and plan coloured top. I live in Glasgow, so it's not as if I'll be able to wear warm weather clothes when I get back - so the cheaper the better!)

I wandered shops last weekend, but didn't find anything.

StealthPolarBear Sun 09-Jul-17 13:39:06

A suit made of ice
Ouch! I couldn't cope with that heat

newnamechange84 Sun 09-Jul-17 13:44:04

Lots of mid length/maxi dresses! Don't worry about what you look like too much, as I found out recently when I went to Disneyland Paris! Just make sure you stay cool. I'm a size 14/16 - depending on your budget, places like peacocks/next are your friend! You will not care about what you look like as long as you have some decent staples x

CiderwithBuda Sun 09-Jul-17 13:45:13

I'm a size 20 and have bought some cheap summer stuff recently.

Did very well twice in TK Maxx for tops. Some t-shirts and a couple of more dressy summery tops.

And Bon Marche of all places. I got two pairs of loose linen trousers and two lovely kaftan tops that you could wear as pool cover ups or with a little vest top underneath and linen trousers. They had some dresses too.

I've gone for lots of navy and white and other colours that go with those so I can mix and match a bit.

Sainsbury's sale is on so you might be luck with some tops etc there.

newnamechange84 Sun 09-Jul-17 13:45:31

Plus I bought some mid length shorts in peacocks and bought some anti chaffing cream from Sainsbury's! 😂 River island also do a plus range now where you can get some nice summer trousers too.

EnormousDormouse Sun 09-Jul-17 13:45:48

I live in the ME so plenty of 45°+ days here!
I wear loose linen trousers (or any natural cotton/linen) and loose natural fibre tops.
Asda/Sainsbury's are great for cheap basics; also m&s

Take a foldable hat and make sure you drinks lots of margaritas/water grin

Distances on the strip are way bigger than they look on the map so use the monorail, the reuse bus and move from casino to casino through their internal links as much as possible.

EnormousDormouse Sun 09-Jul-17 13:47:50

The 'Deuce' bus not the reuse bus.

wellhonestly Sun 09-Jul-17 13:56:27

Personally I find that covering up (in the right fabrics!) is better than baring more skin in the sunshine. I would be going for a loose white cotton dress (covering the tops of my arms at least, down to the elbow if I could get it) and linen knit T shirts over a floaty-ish skirt. I don't like woven linen because it creases so easily, but knitted linen is great, so cool.

And you'll need a cover-up for indoors because of the air-con.

I find jeans a bit too heavy for the heat but I like denim/ canvas trousers which come to just past the knee.

And I always wear a sunhat, I find it really helps.

All my summer clothes are ancient as I never get the wear out of them (in Scotland too!) except on holiday, so I can't link to anything I actually have.

However, this kind of thing:

La Redoute cotton dress
some Gap linen things
Seasalt floaty skirts
Seasalt cotton dresses also worth a look.
And I would be considering "short john" knickers underneath skirts to avoid chub rub and horrible embarrassing skirt wedgies having sat down.

Hiope this helps a bit and have a lovely time!

GhostCurry Sun 09-Jul-17 18:21:11

Yes I'd agree that you want to cover up. A big hat will help. I just splashed out on this packable one -

But wear your hair down, if you have the length, as otherwise your neck will burn.

Linen and cotton allllll the way! And yes knitted linen is so much better crease-wise. Light colours.

hiccupgirl Sun 09-Jul-17 18:31:39

Similar size and height here and also off to a very hot location soon.

I've found some lovely linen tops in TKMaxx and linen trousers in M&S and (surprise) Laura Ashley in the sale...massively reduced.

Also as already said above, Sainsburys are good for natural fabrics is you get past the synthetic stuff.

imjessie Sun 09-Jul-17 18:37:11

It's freezing in the casinos but buggery hot outside . We walked up and down the strip and went in and out of each hotel so see them all . There isn't much outside in between each hotel so just walk fast! 😁

DownHereInTheHorridHouse Sun 09-Jul-17 18:57:18

Just back from Rome and it was up to 40 degrees some days - I know this will sound disgusting but . . .

you have to accept that you will have sweat running down your back etc, so wear fabrics that will absorb it and not show! I wore loose trousers and fitted vest tops, and even though I was soooooo hot, you couldn't see any of my secretions grin.

I didn't wear any linen as it would have creased so much, but I did wish I had one of those floaty, shapeless, knee-length dresses that a lot of Italian women look beautiful in. I would not have looked beautiful in one at all, but I think they would be great for the heat.

RedSandYellowSand Sun 09-Jul-17 19:07:25

As the others say, long, loose, natural materials.
And try to cover your shoulders if youbyhink thru might burn. Easier than sun cream.
Interested in the heat yet, but just bought these
Next or Marks for linen trousers. Off to investigate Laura Ashley, and see where my nearest Sainsburys with a decent clothing section is!!

Cinderellamovedout Sun 09-Jul-17 20:23:19

Thank you! I knew there would be wise people with answers here.

I'll have a wander tomorrow and hopefully find some good options to report back.

NinjaLeprechaun Sun 09-Jul-17 21:45:25

The trick in Las Vegas - and this is easier to do there than in other places - is to sleep during the day and come out at night when it's slightly cooler and staying out of the sun isn't a factor. The entire city actually runs on a 24 hour schedule - I've known a few people who lived there and even things like construction and child care work this way. It's why, counter-intuitively, Las Vegas is the perfect place to live if you're a vampire.

dudsville Sun 09-Jul-17 21:57:58

I would shower and change clothes at least twice a day. I have a small attack of super thin cotton (not clingy jersey) loose tops and several knee length loose shorts. Two pairs of sandals so one can dry while you wear the other. Lots of changes of of bras and pants. Take a cardigan. Indoor air con can be shockingly cold!

Cinderellamovedout Sun 09-Jul-17 22:15:49

Great tips, thank you! -- always been convinced I'm part vampire--

piddleypower Sun 09-Jul-17 22:31:39

You really won't be out in the heat much at all, you'll mostly be in air conditioned hotels. But you will do a lot of walking. Inside it can get chilly, so I wore cropped trousers, t shirt and cardigan plus pashmina for the air con. I found generally people there dressed pretty scruffily, mainly baggy sweats!

Chocolatecoin Sun 09-Jul-17 22:38:03

Im just home from Vegas. It was 45 when we were there but it was bearable. It's a dry heat so you don't sweat so much. On the other hand it feels like your eyes are drying up, and youll constantly need to drink water when you're outside. We managed by getting up early with the jet lag and hibernating in the afternoons. You're really not outside much, everything has a/c and you just duck from shop to hotel. The south outlet mall is a good, indoor place to spend an afternoon. We wore shorts and t shirts but anything comfortable is fine.

ICJump Sun 09-Jul-17 22:40:50

Take baby powder. A small one a use in the morning and if space in your bag use it during the day.
The chaffing when overweight and hot is the hardest part to deal with.

Cinderellamovedout Sun 09-Jul-17 23:20:17

Baby powder, good idea! Thanks - I've packed numerous creams to deal with chafing, but prevention would be better!

Should I plan to wear glasses rather than contacts to help with dry eyes?

BusterGonad Mon 10-Jul-17 15:25:52

Or you could buy long legged pants or cut off leggings, I have slim legs but in that heat I get sweaty thighs too. In Thailand I bought mini baby powders for toilet trips and when I lived in the Middle East I just worn jeans. Contacts should be fine, and it also means you can wear your sun glasses. Just buy some contact lense drops in case they dry out.

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