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Really need a bandeau top ahead of wedding, can't find one.

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freshstart24 Sat 08-Jul-17 14:02:21

I am getting married later this year.

I'm wearing a strapless dress which is just a little lower than an average bra strap at the back.

I'm lucky to be going on a two week hot holiday shortly before the wedding. I tan very easily, even with high factor sunscreen.

I would really like to get a bandeau style top to wear on holiday. It's not something I'd usually wear but I think it will help with the tan issue. I won't be spending time actually sunbathing, so wearing a strapless bikini top won't help- I need something I can wear out and about.

I can't find a suitable bandeau top- they are all really short and would show my tummy. I'm way too old for that.

If anyone could find one I'd be so grateful. Ideally black or navy but right now anything that's not short would be great.

PhoebeBee Sat 08-Jul-17 14:10:02

Try Marks and Spencer blush

Won't link to the one I got there for my hols recently as I'd be lynched by the S&B experts!

got lots of compliments on it

LooksBetterWithAFilter Sat 08-Jul-17 14:11:18


this one is a body


There are more. Stick long in your google search before bandeau and you should get more results. Crop tips are the top hits because that's what is in this year. I've never had a stomach for a cropped one even when I was young enough grin

Hoppinggreen Sat 08-Jul-17 14:12:10

There were quite a few in Sainsbury's of all places

NotJanine Sat 08-Jul-17 14:17:22

Are they no longer called boob tubes? hmm

Mammatron Sat 08-Jul-17 14:19:40

I got one in Matalan last week, with hidden boob support!

freshstart24 Sat 08-Jul-17 14:21:44

Pheobe thank you - I've just looked at m&s and could only find bandeau dresses and bikini tops. Could you give me a clue wink?

Cakescakescakes Sat 08-Jul-17 14:25:50

Baukjen have some. Pricy though but couple are in the sale on at the minute.

PhoebeBee Sat 08-Jul-17 14:37:54

Oh goodness! I may be confusing Bardot and bandeau confused. The one I got was off the shoulder!

Well the one I got was striped! May or may not have been Per Una! blush

PhoebeBee Sat 08-Jul-17 14:39:42

It was this one!

Eminybob Sat 08-Jul-17 16:04:47

Type "long boob tube top" into Amazon. There are loads on there reasonably priced.

FeiYenKansu Sat 08-Jul-17 16:09:34

Loose fit

FeiYenKansu Sat 08-Jul-17 16:11:11

Stomach flattering

boggedoff Sat 08-Jul-17 16:11:27

I just ordered a smock type bandwau top from warehouse

selfishcrab Sat 08-Jul-17 16:13:53

Just type bandeau top in Amazon, I buy about 5 a year for hot holiday as they are cheap and leave them there at the end.

hippadoppaloppagorillapig Sat 08-Jul-17 16:26:35

Matalan have loads of boob tube type tops & they're long as well.

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