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I feel you have very thick, straight hair...

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IAmTheWorwax Thu 06-Jul-17 15:27:11

How do you wear it?
I'm in such a rut with mine. It's thick enough for 3 people, any layers just look ridiculous.

I feel like it just hangs and looks really shit.

RueDeDay Thu 06-Jul-17 15:34:48

I haven't mine razored rather than layered, which makes a massive difference. It's in a collar bone length bob, feathered at the front.

RueDeDay Thu 06-Jul-17 15:35:09

*have mine! Blimmin autocorrect!

MikeUniformMike Thu 06-Jul-17 15:46:43

Find a good hairdresser. Ask him or her what would work with your hair.
Have some ideas first.
Good hairdresser is not necessarily expensive but are few and far between. If you see someone with a fab haircut ask them where they go and who cuts it there.
A good hairdresser will know what suits you and what your hair can cope with.

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 06-Jul-17 15:52:14

Mine was below the boob line for years and drove me nutty in the summer wrapping around my face at night so I had 6 inches cut off it. It's a lot wavier, still!, than it was and needs to be quite long to stop bluffing out too much.

Layers work for me and stop me getting triangle head, and a long sweep fringe, which I trim myself. Get it trimmed about every 12 weeks. Wash it twice a week with non-sulphate shampoo and loads of conditioner, only brush it before washing it, just run my fingers through it the rest of the time, and use a serum to stop flyaways. I'm generally pretty happy with it, wear it down, top half up in a clip, back in a loose bun style with sticks, ponytail sometimes.

I do more with it now it's a bit shorter but wouldn't want to lose anymore length.

I have a vision of myself as an old lady with long wavy hair in henna red smile

humblesims Thu 06-Jul-17 17:32:38

Mines so thick I hate it this time of year. I have mine in a bob about an inch off my shoulders. Sometimes have it longer with a few layers in. I have a fringe. its always been strong and shiny but now its greying. I only wash it twice a week and for the first day its fluffy and annoying. Dont have any tips really but I do get the 'just hanging there' thing. On a bad day I feel like I have lego man hair. :D I agree with others - a good cut makes a huge difference.

BreezyBreeze Thu 06-Jul-17 18:34:10

I'll take some grin

Whitelisbon Thu 06-Jul-17 19:02:49

Mine is ridiculously thick, and reaches my bum.
It spends it's entire existence in a plait as there's too much of it to do anything else with it.
If I go too short I get mushroom head - I'd love to be one of those people with a swishy Bob, but it's never going to happen.
I have it chopped every couple of years, get it taken back to bra strap length and thinned out a bit, then shove it back in a plait.
It's desperately in need of a cut - I washed it Tuesday night and it was still damp this morning when I brushed and plaited it again, but the thought of listening to a hairdresser telling me what lovely thick hair I have, and do I really want it cut, etc etc is pushing me towards giving dd14 the scissors and letting her have a go!

GreenTulips Thu 06-Jul-17 19:04:25

Have the sides shaved! Halves the amount of hair

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Thu 06-Jul-17 19:06:07

I've had the same Rachel style haircut since 1999. I get so bored, but no hairdresser has come up with anything innovative. All haircuts have been a variation on the same thing.

I want a long asymmetric bob, but never seem to get it no matter what I ask for! I've taken in photos and magazine cuttings. No ones said it wouldn't suit me, they just don't cut it.

Spanneroo Thu 06-Jul-17 19:11:11

I have a layer put in at jaw length with a total length of just below shoulder. When cutting I ask them to thin it out so there are no straight edges. The front is shorter than the back.

I also always use really heavy duty conditioner (from about one third down my head so as to avoid the roots). This stops it all pointing straight out like Sideshow Bob.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 06-Jul-17 19:17:35

A good hairdresser will deep cut it so the layers hang well.

hippadoppaloppagorillapig Sat 08-Jul-17 17:02:44

I have a bob, I vary the length, but I have it chopped up into and thinned out. It's just easier for me than keeping it long. It's currently not quite down to my shoulders, but I like it jaw / chin length best.

Gillybobs Sat 08-Jul-17 20:57:55

I have a bob with layers underneath but top layer is looks sort of a one length bob. I get an undercut at the back which takes a chunk of weight and thickness out and makes it sit much better.

HolyShmoly Sat 08-Jul-17 21:27:45

Normally in a hair bobble. blush I'd love to have nice day-to-day hair but everything takes so much more effort. The cut is always a variation of a long bob, with or without a fringe. I had it all cut off when I was about 17 and it was amazing, however I don't think I'd suit it now. I normally tell my hairdresser to thin it out as much as possible, if I don't walk out with my head feeling significantly lighter I won't go back. Thankfully my current hairdresser is the golden trio of being able to handle my hair, is local, and is decently priced!

TheGrumpySquirrel Sat 08-Jul-17 22:30:39

Mid length triangle head here. Works ok in a short bob or long - but sooo much work and so heavy. Need to try and get the sides / back thinned out somehow

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