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Trainers with maxi dress

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poppym12 Thu 06-Jul-17 06:53:27

Trying to cobble together something comfy to travel in. I want to take a pair of trainers or converse as I'll be doing a lot of walking whilst away and I travel with hand luggage only.

I was going to wear a black maxi dress to fly in as it will be warm enough for the flight but I won't frazzle when I arrive in a hot place.

Would this look weird or OK? What trainers / colour?

robinia Thu 06-Jul-17 06:58:30

I do it so it must be fine!
With a black dress there's loads of options. Could go a nice bright colour or I often wear a black ditsy print.

MrsBadger Thu 06-Jul-17 06:59:36

Converse or similar, not sport trainers. If you're buying new get a colour that will go with the rest of your clothes, maybe grey

ceeveebee Thu 06-Jul-17 06:59:38

I got these gold converse ballet pumps which look great with a black dress and are really comfy

silkpyjamasallday Thu 06-Jul-17 07:02:50

I wear trainers with practically any outfit you can think of, I like the juxtaposition of sports shoes with a floral tea dress for example. If you have converse already they will look fine, adidas gazelles are also good and more options in colours across suede and leather versions very comfy too.

poppym12 Thu 06-Jul-17 07:27:16

I don't wear leather or suede but I do have white converse, black converse (dainty low and high top) or ancient and grubby well worn grey high tops. Plus either black Nike Roche or white and black Adidas superstars. Yes, I only wear black, white, grey or blue 90% of the time grin

Penguin27 Thu 06-Jul-17 07:29:03

I've done this at a wedding so it's fine grin

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