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Best lash growth serum for fucked lashes

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NickyNickname123 Wed 05-Jul-17 10:48:11

My are absolutely fucked! I have a max budget of probably £30.

ninnando Wed 05-Jul-17 14:26:27

I was only discussing this yesterday when I was having mine tinted and was recommended Revitalash.
It's quite pricey though!

Cakescakescakes Wed 05-Jul-17 14:41:55

My sister used Revitalash after her chemo made her eyelashes fall out and they grew back like mad. So long they were touching up under her eyebrows!

QVC have it on instalments sometimes.

sazzyfrank Wed 05-Jul-17 14:43:29

Biotin from Holland and Barratt: a (quite cheap) supplement that makes your hair and lashes grooooowwww! my lashes are so long I have to cut them. Be patient though, will take a few weeks. I've also used Rapid Lash with similar results but more expensive.

chloechloe Wed 05-Jul-17 16:21:39

I've always had good results with Lipocils. Buy the eyebrow one though - same formula as for eyelashes but it has a little wand rather than a mascara brush so you can get the product right in the roots.

NanTheWiser Wed 05-Jul-17 18:06:24

I'm currently using Nanolash which is doing a very good job giving me long lashes. I've used Revitalash in the past (from Boots) with good results, but the last tube I bought from Amazon didn't seem to make any difference, so don't know if it was genuine. Expect it to take 3 or 4 weeks to make a noticeable difference, and expect to pay around £40.

clickhappy Wed 05-Jul-17 18:09:40

I use rapidlash, it's sooo good! Basically I ruined my lashes with individual extensions, and this stuff has got them back and then some. It took 6 weeks of nightly application. I bought it for approx £25 on amazon. Have hope!

ohgoshIdontknow Wed 05-Jul-17 18:40:59

following. Every time I google one of these I find loads of reviews saying they're crap. Maybe I'll stick with my silicone supplements.

QuiteLikely5 Wed 05-Jul-17 18:44:02


NickyNickname123 Wed 05-Jul-17 20:41:53

I've heard great things about rapidlash, will give it a good. Thanks!

Youranus Wed 05-Jul-17 21:22:00

I've used and loved Rapidlash, but can't afford to repurchase again at £40. Ordered this from the Boots website this afternoon and hoping for similar results.

Noeuf Wed 05-Jul-17 22:17:54

What happens when you stop using it? Would worry me that they'd be worse .

NickyNickname123 Thu 06-Jul-17 14:59:21

I've just ordered it. £32.99 on offer on feel unique at the moment with free delivery!

NomDePlumeReloaded Thu 06-Jul-17 15:01:25

After I stopped using rapidlash, my lashes just went back to normal, noeuf

Noeuf Thu 06-Jul-17 16:41:02

Thanks Nom, I wondered if it would be like a cycle you got stuck in

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 06-Jul-17 16:42:53

I think using vaseline works really well.

ohgoshIdontknow Thu 06-Jul-17 23:03:52

I've bought Rapidlash and Biotin tablets at Boots today. Quite expensive but worth a shot.

sazzyfrank Fri 07-Jul-17 08:59:57

Ohgoshidontknow you won't be disappointed but be patient. Will take a month or so before you really see those long flutterers!

clickhappy Fri 07-Jul-17 16:36:52

Just a quick aside for those who rebuy rapidlash, I got it once on amazon for under 23£ so it may be worth putting it in your saved for later basket as you will get notifications of price drops. I wish I'd bought a few now as I'm running out.

FeiYenKansu Fri 07-Jul-17 17:30:29

As already mentioned vaseline is the cheap remedy that works!

Use it on eyelashes and or eyebrows and you will see a quicker and thicker regrowth.

It also strengthens nails

I love the stuff!

Huckleshmuckle Fri 07-Jul-17 17:35:09

Castor oil made mine spidery leg long.

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