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does using anti-aging products too early make your skin 'immune' later in life?

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muddlefuck Tue 04-Jul-17 23:34:46

can your skin get used to them? or somehow grow resistant?

I'm 29 and love the no7 advanced day and night creams because they hydrate my flaky skin really well but I think they're supposed to be for more mature skin- should I be using the early defence range or something else? (I don't want to give up the lovely hydration of no7 advanced but if it makes sense long term...)

Arealhumanbeing Wed 05-Jul-17 02:01:32

I don't think skin becomes immune as such. It may be important to switch products now and again.

Google double cleansing, get yourself a glycolic toner and always always use an spf, nothing below spf30. I have a good ten years on you and I'm so glad I did.

Portishead200 Wed 05-Jul-17 02:12:09

They actually damage and ageyour skin so you are best off with something natural like hemp oil cream or coconut oil. Holland and Barrett do fantastic natural ranges that don't damage your skin at all

ClearEyesFullHearts Wed 05-Jul-17 02:30:07

They actually damage and ageyour skin

Do they? How do you know this?

CosmoClock Wed 05-Jul-17 02:36:30

I think at 29 you'd be better off saving and using spf25 during the day and astral at night. I know that boots one was proven to have some effect, or at least the women who tested it all thought so. I don't think they do much but how do you reckon they damage the skin portishead?

Portishead200 Wed 05-Jul-17 02:56:24

Because they are full of toxins, chemicals, etc that peel the thin top layers of skin away. So Instead of adding moisuring they remove the skin. I can recommend Dr organic hemp oil rescue cream. It's fantastic and your skin feels amazing. Plus hemp oil is nature's cure also anti aging because the cannabinoid goes into and repairs the skin cells

Portishead200 Wed 05-Jul-17 03:00:27

Portishead200 Wed 05-Jul-17 03:05:45

Portishead200 Wed 05-Jul-17 03:08:17

Portishead200 Wed 05-Jul-17 03:09:28

All natural with no parabens, sls or anything toxic. They also do body wash and shampoo.

Arealhumanbeing Wed 05-Jul-17 03:47:59

Op whatever you decide to do I would think about using a high spf each day if nothing else.

Liiinoo Wed 05-Jul-17 06:25:37

You are not too young and I don't think your skin could become 'immune' although it's needs will alter with time and circumstances.

i agree with the previous PPs who have said a high factor SPF worn whenever you are going to be in the sun is the best possible age defence, and don't forget your neck and cleavage area when applying. Then add in any moisturiser you like. They are the minimum needed and will do 90% of the work. Then add whatever else suits your skin and your budget and your life style. ATM I use glycolic toners/retinol for skin renewal and oils for hydration.

LostWithoutALight Wed 05-Jul-17 06:36:32

I think you're the right age to start as 30 is when it quickly goes downhill for some women. Prevention being better than cure and all that. I dislike chemicals on skin also and use organic oils. I'm using emu right now. Stay out of the sun. Also your skin is largely determined by what's going on inside the body which can't always be helped (hormone imbalances and such) but eating and drinking right makes a difference. Moisturise from the inside out.

pollyglot Wed 05-Jul-17 07:58:45

Agree strongly about the high SPF. Also suggest looking after your skin by not using soap on your face - in fact, not washing your face at all, but using cleansing cream instead. I have done that since age 14 and now in my 60s, I have (if I say so myself) a really young-looking skin and very few wrinkles. But then, genes are all-important, and my mother and granny both had lovely skin - despite my mother being a sun-worshipper.

specialsubject Wed 05-Jul-17 08:10:33

Most, if not all, do nothing. Genetics, sunscreen, not smoking, eating properly.

muddlefuck Thu 06-Jul-17 00:53:22

Thanks for replies. Re spf 25 or 30, is there a face cream that has that high a number? Surely normal sunblock would make your face really greasy?

SilentlyScreamingAgain Thu 06-Jul-17 07:23:12

Sunblock has really come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Ultrasun is amazing and sinks right in with no white cast.

A proper SPF, with full spectrum protection, rather than a moisturiser with added SPF, is the single biggest thing you can do to slow down skin again.

SilentlyScreamingAgain Thu 06-Jul-17 07:23:33

Ageing even.

PollyPerky Thu 06-Jul-17 07:34:30

The effect of creams is transient- they don't do very much. if they did they would be sold as medicine, not cosmetics. Anything that can change skin at a cellular level has the potential to cause cancer, (which is uncontrolled cell division and DNA changes). All creams do is stop moisture escaping, lubricate and possibly exfoliate.

At 29 you are still a young chicken!

What you need to use is as PP say, SPF 50 daily on your face. Don't smoke, drink little, eat good fats (omega 3 oils in food), avoid sugar and refined carbs ( they destroy / inflame the long chains making up collagen) and use a simple moisturiser.

Bare Minerals do Prep Step spf50, or there are several by Skinceuticals, Clinique City Block, Clarins do one, and Boots No 7 do a daily face shield. Use them all under make up or on their own after a moisturiser.

Neverknowing Thu 06-Jul-17 07:39:53

I used to work for no7 for skin care. There's nothing in it, it's just very moisturising but very expensive for that. I'd try something different if I were you !
My skin is the same, extremely dry and flaky. I've been using the nip and fab dragons blood concentrate and the B. Confident (Superdrug's brand) skin cream in phase 1. The dragons blood concentrate is a life saver, you're not really meant to use it all over your face but it's the only thing that's ever got rid of my dry skin!

NomDePlumeReloaded Thu 06-Jul-17 07:58:42

I would take the lifestyle articles an earlier pp posted with a pinch of very biased salt, OP. They do not point to rigorous clinical trials and make vague statements to support their argument. Not a valid source.

Parabens have been found in tumours but there is absolutely no proof that parabens cause tumours to develop.

Linalool is an irritant on the skin. Some studies have found that certain types of linalool can be carcinogenic in rats when ingested at high doses, repeatedly over many days. However, whilst this is useful information, it does not translate to face cream which,
1) you don't eat
2) you don't put on rats
3) has tiny doses of linalool as a fragrance agent

Those articles are scaremongering bollocks.

Gwenhwyfar Thu 06-Jul-17 08:44:39

I don't agree with the Astral recommendation as I don't find it very moisturising.

Arealhumanbeing Thu 06-Jul-17 11:06:23

Soap and Glory do an SPF 50 skin shield. You just mix it with your moisturiser. It's from Boots.

It's true that creams and serums don't change your skin permanently or stop ageing.

However if you get the right ones for you they certainly make a difference to the look and feel of your skin while you're using them.

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