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Cardi/something warm to go with maxi skirt

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ProfessionalCynic Tue 04-Jul-17 09:13:52

I have an outfit I am planning to wear for an outdoors concert. The day time will probably be warm, but I suspect as evening draws in it will get a bit chilly. Any ideas what sort of cardi or light jacket would go with this outfit? Sorry the pic only shows it on hangers - the skirt sits high on the waist, and the top is cropped, which leaves about an inch of flesh on show. I had thought about a light denim jacket, but just not sure! Any ideas from someone more stylish than me?!

glasshalfsomething Tue 04-Jul-17 09:14:40

I'd go with the denim jacket!

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Tue 04-Jul-17 09:17:11

yes..another vote for a denim jacket, maybe a nice big floaty scarf to fill in any gaps and keep the chill off your neck?

or biker type leather jacket...but that would be too hot if it's going to be a scorcher in the daytime.

NC4now Tue 04-Jul-17 09:17:40

First thought: denim jacket!

ProfessionalCynic Tue 04-Jul-17 14:49:32

Thanks for responses, looks like my instinct was right! Found a nice one in Tesco earlier, but didn't have my size!

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