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Shoes for this dress

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Shnorbitz Mon 03-Jul-17 12:25:06

Hi, I'm wearing this dress to a wedding next month (looks better on than in he picture!). Not sure what to do about shoes. Thinking navy but court style will looking frumpy. Thought maybe open toe or strapping sandals but as size 8, everything I like has sold out sad. I was going to go with navy shoes and a navy clutch so it all tied together but not sure if that's too much? I can't do stiletto heels very well... thanks!

toofarfromcivilisation Mon 03-Jul-17 12:27:40

I'd go red flats but I'm 52 & don't care as long as I'm comfy.

gracefull Mon 03-Jul-17 12:32:23

Would probably also go for a red shoe rather than navy

Shnorbitz Mon 03-Jul-17 12:57:44

Ooh two votes for red, thanks! Any suggestions for the style of show? Being a fat arse I think I need a heel....

Fingermoose Mon 03-Jul-17 13:08:58

Yep, I'd go for red shoes too. There are loads of red size 8s on the Debenhams website - I'd link a few but my taste in shoes favours comfort over style, so I'd probably scare you off.

toofarfromcivilisation Mon 03-Jul-17 14:31:24

It's not always true that heels make you look thinner! Flats elongate your calf. I see a lot of women wearing heels that just make their feet look like pig's trotters. Maybe a tiny wedge?

Shnorbitz Mon 03-Jul-17 16:29:40

A wedge would definitely be preferable.

Thanks everyone, will start looking grin

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