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Buying 'girls'size clothes for yourself

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DumbledoresArmy Thu 29-Jun-17 17:23:53

Has/does anyone do this? Obviously you can get virtually the same branded stuff way cheaper in a large girls size!

sebashocked Thu 29-Jun-17 17:29:09

I do it all the time. Soooooo much cheaper and often fit me better (I'm pretty petite) than adults stuff.

Sirzy Thu 29-Jun-17 17:29:43

I do. Often I find it's a much better fit.

I also buy "children's" running shoes

Joinourclub Thu 29-Jun-17 17:48:16

Typically , what adult size does an age 15/16 correspond to?

fabulousathome Thu 29-Jun-17 17:49:37

Children's clothes don't have VAT so should be 20% cheaper than an adult version.

Bloomed Thu 29-Jun-17 17:50:05

I'm short and this would be ideal for me. Which brands do you think work best, not too immature etc?

BenLui Thu 29-Jun-17 17:50:11

I have bought children's shoes in the past as I have little feel.

TheFairyCaravan Thu 29-Jun-17 17:50:32

I do it all the time and kids shoes and pyjamas.

WindwardCircle Thu 29-Jun-17 17:51:07

I used to when I was skinny, most of my clothes were from H and M teen range. The top size was about a 6-8 iirc.

pastapestoparmesan Thu 29-Jun-17 17:59:34

I like M and S age 13-14. I'm size 10 in grown ups clothes.

DumbledoresArmy Thu 29-Jun-17 18:40:39

Never considered m&s!
I was thinking sporting brands.

MrsBadger Thu 29-Jun-17 18:42:06

My ski jacket is a boys' XL; could never have afforded adult equivalent.

poppym12 Thu 29-Jun-17 18:46:00

I used to when I was slim. Still do for trainers, slippers and occasionally other footwear as fortunately my feet haven't got fat

Christmastree43 Thu 29-Jun-17 18:47:19

Some stuff like New Look 915 I find doesn't fit a 'woman' properly, but agree with PPs about branded running/ gym clothes - I have a few adidas, Nike etc tops and bottoms and find age 13-14 is fine if not too big sometimes!! I wear a size 8 on top and 10 bottoms normally.

Designer Sportswear is sooo expensive that I couldn't afford it if I couldn't buy the kids stuff 🙈

Trainers too I haven't bought any but they go up to at least 5!

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 29-Jun-17 18:49:34

Yep, all the time 5'1, size 8, size 3 feet.
It's cheaper and fits so why not.

MargeryFenworthy Thu 29-Jun-17 18:50:33

Yes, I do with particular items. I'm very petite so suits me.

christinarossetti Thu 29-Jun-17 18:54:08

Definitely buy children's trainers. Youth size goes up to 5 and I'm a runner and get through lots.

Ditto things like waterproof trousers/wetsuits.

Less so proper clothes as my taste isn't really teenage.

toffeeboffin Thu 29-Jun-17 18:56:28

I do it and I'm not even petit.

Had lots of shoes too, especially from Zara, they go up to a generous size 5.

Madeyemoodysmum Thu 29-Jun-17 19:02:23

I've bought Jonny B and next in a 16 age and it fits fine. I recently got a jumper in H&M for £5 in age 12/13. It's a loose fit so is ok. I keep trying Sainsbury's age 13 but it's just a bit too small. Please up your ages Sainsbury's!

IWantABlueBanana Thu 29-Jun-17 19:17:09

I like teen jeans. I always find ladies jeans hang/bag at the crotch and bum so teens are a perfect fit, and perfect length too.

Theresnonamesleft Thu 29-Jun-17 19:17:53

All the time. I'm a size 4 so all my shoes, boots and trainers are from the kids section. Same with socks.

When I was a size 14 I could fit into boys 15 year old pj's and some brands of tops. As a size 10 I can fit into more. Like others they fit better, sleeves are not too long and finding leg size is a lot easier

AuntieStella Fri 30-Jun-17 03:20:19

I'm thinking about doing it more, as I did it the first time recently (a hoodie age 13-14 years).

My size varies between manufacturers/brands and can be anything between a 4/XS to and a 10-12/M.

I doubt that you'd nitce the VAT on most things as clothes are so inexpensive there days relative to a couple of decades ago, and prices for very similar items of very similar quality overlap anyhow.

TreesAreLeafy Fri 30-Jun-17 20:02:12

I do but have to be careful about the sleeves as they're often cut shorter

Scribblegirl Fri 30-Jun-17 20:03:34

Bloody hell, wish I could! stares at boobs menacingly

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