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A hair question

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Catinthecorner Thu 29-Jun-17 13:02:00

I have a hair appointment later today and I have no idea what I want. Well I do. I want a low maintenance cut that looks amazing but requires practically zero effort on my behalf.

Right now my hair is long, very long, very thick (in terms of I have tonnes of hair) and kinda wavy. Could be styled to curl or straighten if I had the inclination (which I might if there was less of it). I generally shove it in a bun or a plait every day but I'd like it to look nice.

So, pick me a cut/style?

peonyinparadise Thu 29-Jun-17 13:09:37

Following, Cat. My hair sounds just like yours but processed, dry & brassy. I want a chic Parisian woman's cut but no idea what to ask forconfused

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