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Best easy to apply eyeliner

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FashionFiend Wed 28-Jun-17 11:54:03

Is the Tom Forde double ended eyeliner worth the money or is there something cheaper which is just as good? I'm not great at applying eyeliner so need something easy to apply. Thanks!

Groupie123 Wed 28-Jun-17 13:34:54

The Supercat pen from Soap and Glory is the best eyeliner I have ever used. Way better than even £100 products

hiveofactivity Wed 28-Jun-17 15:03:14

You really don't need to spend loads on an eyeliner - I use Rimmel ones - a liquid pen one and a retractable pencil one - both very easy to use, waterproof, good pigment and last ages.

Don't be fooled by brands and packaging. Its no indication of quality.

sowhatusernameisnttaken Wed 28-Jun-17 16:17:54

What's good about the supercat one groupie? I've heard it's good...

Pistachiois50pmore Wed 28-Jun-17 16:25:52

Haven't tried the Tom Ford but never found any correlation between ££ and easiness! The Ciate felt pen one is good and very easy (and I say this as a former felt pen sceptic). You can get one free with this month's Birchbox using the code FLICK, they just sent me an email.

NotExactlyHappyToHelp Wed 28-Jun-17 16:45:24

Ooh yes the Soap & Glory one is brilliant.

It leaves a properly black line. It doesn't drag. It's easy to use. It takes forever to run out. I think I've had mine for 6 months, it's used every day and it's still going strong.

It's good really good longevity too. I recommended it to a friend who works 12h+ shifts in a care home and it lasted on her all day.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Wed 28-Jun-17 16:50:47

It's all in the brush.

I use an artist's one from cassart with a Bobbi brown gel pot. .

And a steady hand.

Groupie123 Wed 28-Jun-17 17:19:18

It's really black (even on my brown skin - most budget eyeliners only work for white people but this one's great), and it's super easy to put on. And lasts ages. I've had mine for 4 years blush as I only use it for important meetings.

sowhatusernameisnttaken Wed 28-Jun-17 17:21:03

Ooh gonna get one thank you! Although I'm crap with eyeliner though!

Scrumpernickel Wed 28-Jun-17 17:36:39

If it's a winged effect you're after look at Sali Hughes' video tutorial on YouTube.

Scrumpernickel Wed 28-Jun-17 17:43:10

This one. The pencil tip makes it so much easier.

FashionFiend Wed 28-Jun-17 19:56:53

Thank you! Loads of recommendations there. That Sali Hughes video is really good too. Going to try out her trick of using a pencil first.

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