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Cheap black work handbag

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RudeDog Wed 28-Jun-17 06:53:11

So my work handbag has broke

I don't want to spend lots and I need one fast. It's just to carry my bits to work
I looked online in Debenhams but the fiorelli ones were more expensive than I remember- I only want to spend about £30?

Anyone seen anything good?

redrobinblue Wed 28-Jun-17 07:02:04

Asos always saves me in these situations!

kitchenarggghh Wed 28-Jun-17 21:05:47

I picked up a Fiorelli bag for work from TK Maxx.

Greenteandchives Wed 28-Jun-17 21:07:06

Agree with kitchen. Go to tkmaxx.

RudeDog Wed 28-Jun-17 21:32:48

Wouldn't have thought of either! Ta!
Tkmaxx it is as I am desperate!

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