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Size help please US to Equivalent

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travailtotravel Tue 27-Jun-17 23:11:18

I bought a fab pair of jeans in TKMax. I wear them so much I want to buy more.

My fab jeans say 18W and nothing else anywhere.
Option on the website are W36, W,38, W40 and W42.

Which would be the right size?

Ps yes larger sizes indeed, we're working on it ....

Yewtown Tue 27-Jun-17 23:21:20

Found this, hope it can help

travailtotravel Tue 27-Jun-17 23:58:26

Thanks. I'm struggling with whether the W is waist size or not. I bet I order all three sizes 😂

Yewtown Wed 28-Jun-17 08:49:07

I think it might be easier if you check on the brand's website. It may give more accurate measurements. However if you use the table it seems w36 or w38 might be the size.

Figment1234 Wed 28-Jun-17 08:56:13

I think an 18W US would be a 20-22 UK size. I always by my clothes in the US.. I have always assumed the W stood for Woman size (i.e. the politer version of plus size) but I may be wrong! As opposed to 18P which I have sometimes also bought, meaning Petite (i.e. shorter).

WindwardCircle Wed 28-Jun-17 08:59:01

The W might be for woman not waist. In the US I've seen clothes divided into misses (teens and young women) and women's ranges.

travailtotravel Wed 28-Jun-17 09:11:15

Thanks. It's clear I am not a w32 if that's womens size. I'll check out their returns policy!

GatherlyGal Wed 28-Jun-17 09:16:09

Yes the W is for Womans so anything UK size 14 or over. W18 is probably a 20-22 in UK sizes.

In jeans though I would guess that's a 36.

Figment1234 Wed 28-Jun-17 09:19:00

But I don't think W36, W,38, W40 and W42 mean the same thing as 18W. I've never seen the W at the start before, and also never seen something in a woman's dress size 42! So I expect that the sizing of that website is different.

GatherlyGal Wed 28-Jun-17 09:45:52

W for jeans is waist. A 30 waist is about a 12/14 UK and a 32 is a 14/16 so maybe the 36 or 38 would be about a 20/22 UK dress size?

travailtotravel Wed 28-Jun-17 12:31:17

Thank you gatherly I shall not order every size. I'll just order the 36 and check - that sounds about right.

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