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Long evening dresses

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OlafLovesAnna Tue 27-Jun-17 18:19:58

I need a dress for a black tie event, it must be ankle length. I really like this sort of style but can't find a long one.

I'm blonde with tanned skin and a rosy face (!) and a 12 with a tummy. I'm also 5.2 so I don't want anything too frou frou as it will drown me.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look or brands to search on eBay?

MrsLettuce Tue 27-Jun-17 20:10:18

What sort of budget? Are we looking for petite or you happy to have it altered?

pricey bargain. It's satin but maybe not as complex a cut as you're after.
this is off brief but lovely

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