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Black or nude tights for Black Tie event

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DanCarterIsMyOtherHusband Sun 25-Jun-17 22:24:48

It's my first Black Tie event which is work related. Have gone down the safe but boring route of black knee length dress and I'll accessorise with some statement jewellery. Black patent Hobbs heels.

What colour tights? Event starts at 6 with champagne reception and then dinner followed by getting pissed and missing my last train home


bluejelly Sun 25-Jun-17 22:25:59

I would say nude. Looks more summery.

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Sun 25-Jun-17 22:26:29


PaperdollCartoon Sun 25-Jun-17 22:26:34

Nude, it's summer.

ILoveDolly Sun 25-Jun-17 22:27:11

At this time of year nude tights would be most appropriate

ChaChaChaCh4nges Sun 25-Jun-17 22:27:41

Nude for sure

DanCarterIsMyOtherHusband Sun 25-Jun-17 22:33:16

Thank God it's unanimous. I meant the sheer black, 10-15 denier type BTW, not thick black winter jobbies.

So who has the best nude tights? I tan on my arms but my legs are corpse-
like and I will probably ladder them just by looking at them. I'm kind of fair to mid skinned and legs are tree trunky. Thank you!

Monipop84 Mon 26-Jun-17 13:19:27

With a black dress - nude tights - and always nude in the summer smile

elliey Mon 26-Jun-17 19:46:05

Definitely nude unless you can get away without tights

Polkadot1974 Mon 26-Jun-17 21:37:10

Are "thin" black tights ever worn these days? I sometimes wonder

Polkadot1974 Mon 26-Jun-17 21:38:01

As in I have some but never wear them and wonder when they would or should come out!

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