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where for lovely sexy underwear?

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MistyMean Sun 25-Jun-17 20:57:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AllMimsyWereThey Sun 25-Jun-17 23:42:33

I'd like to know this too. The multipack from Sainsbury's is just not doing it for me anymore. I got some basics from uniqlo a while ago but no idea where else to look.

hazeydays14 Sun 25-Jun-17 23:45:50

Not everyone's cup of tea (and I don't own any yet) but a woman in Work said Victoria's Secret have a sale on everything at the mo and bras Are down to £10-£14

My favourite lacy ones are from Ann Summers (in the sale). They have varying degrees of push up great if you have no boobs like me and I went for the lowest level which gives you a nice lift without feeling like you've jammed rocks in your bra like their 'big impact' type ones

Can you tell I love a bargain grin

LockedOutOfMN Mon 26-Jun-17 00:32:33

I like Victoria's Secret, also a brand called Oysho that we have in Spain.

Cakescakescakes Mon 26-Jun-17 00:39:59

Mimi Holliday. In the sale unless you have mega bucks.

avamiah Mon 26-Jun-17 00:43:28

Too be honest you can get lovely underwear in all the big stores,
M&S,John Lewis ,Selfridges .
It just depends on your budget.
Oh Debenhams as well do some lovely underwear.

sxround Mon 26-Jun-17 05:36:06

My DP has often asked me about wearing stockings and suspenders and crotchless knickers etc for him. I have never had the confidence to do this and cannot help but think he is translating fantasises from porn which I don't mind him watching, into real life. Does anyone else have similar experiences or advice as I really don't know what to do, let alone where to buy from.

sashh Mon 26-Jun-17 07:44:12

If you have an independent shop they can be fantastic.

Bravissimo if you are big or curvey. Department stores also often have some lovely stuff.

Figleaves also have some nice stuff.


Ann Summers or Lovehoney - both have online shops if you don't want to go in to a shop.

Yes it may be porn, but stockings were normal / general wear until the 1960s.

I also remember someone I worked with buying some sexy underwear for herself but then wrapped it and handed it to her partner as a present.

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