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Hoola benefit

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CandysKisses Sun 25-Jun-17 00:19:17

I've just ordered the benefit hoola as recommended on here.

For those that use it - do you use the brush that it comes with or something else?
Also do you just highlight or use it all over your face?

memyselfandisolodjsjajaj Sun 25-Jun-17 06:10:59

Hello. Hoola is a bronzer, you don't highlight with it. Also, you don't use it on your whole face. I love this product, using it daily atm smile

memyselfandisolodjsjajaj Sun 25-Jun-17 06:11:21

Ps: i use a contouring brush, the one that comes with it is a bit harsh

LordEmsworth Sun 25-Jun-17 06:32:30

Use a bigger brush (the one you get is small and can leave a stripey effect) and make a "3" shape on the right side of your face, and a reverse "3" on the left side - forehead, cheekbones, jaw. So the prominent bits that get hit by the sun. Maybe the nose too. Start light and you can build up

CandysKisses Sun 25-Jun-17 07:35:22

Can you tell me which brush to buy please?

LordEmsworth Sun 25-Jun-17 08:01:26

It will be labelled a bronzer or powder brush, a kabuki brush or a blusher brush would also work. Personally I like Bobbi Brown brushes but you might prefer to start out cheaper till you know it's something you'll use regularly

Real Techniques

Bobbi Brown

tearsinmyeyes Sun 25-Jun-17 08:09:30

Use it to contour not highlight
I use the mac angled large contour- 168 but i also sometime use the brush it comes with to apply and initial blend

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