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Skincare gurus - Paula's Choice Resist retinol serum or The Ordinary retinoid 2%

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BritabroadinAsia Fri 23-Jun-17 06:08:56

I think I've just about grasped the difference between retinols and retinoids but am wondering if anyone has used and compared these two products? Or just has found the Ordinary retinoid 2% effective? Not sure I'm ready for the 1% retinoid just yet but thought I could work my way up?

My skin isn't particularly sensitive and I've been using the Paula's Choice product which I really like, but am keen to try The Ordinary which will be a fair bit cheaper. Am looking for anti-ageing, brown spot lightening effects rather than acne zapping only upside to being middle-aged and would love to hear any recommendations.

BritabroadinAsia Fri 23-Jun-17 17:17:55

Have just run out of my Paula's Choice, so bumping hopefully...

JustGettingStarted Fri 23-Jun-17 22:45:21

I'm happy with the Ordinary 2%

BabyPigeon83 Sun 25-Jun-17 10:03:36

You can try the Paula's Choice 1% retinol for cheap

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