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What do you use as a gym bag?

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silkpyjamasallday Tue 20-Jun-17 15:28:48

I am going to be joining a gym soon and finally start exercising again! I have sports bras leggings leotards trainers etc but obviously I will need something to transport change of clothes/water bottle/toiletries and maybe a towel? I have no idea really what to look for or what I'll want to take as I've never been a gym member before. I don't really want to ruin any of my nice handbags with sweaty clothes so I do want to get something specifically for gym. I will be doing a variety of classes including ballet, yoga and kettle ball workout and probably will want to use the machines and pool occasionally too. What do you ladies use? Or any tips on what would be useful in a gym bag.

AuntieStella Tue 20-Jun-17 15:44:37

I have a lightweight OMM backpack. Rather expensive, but it fits all my sports clobber and fits really snugly so I can warm up by running to the sports centre.

HappyAxolotl Tue 20-Jun-17 15:46:29

Apart from a workout outfit, mine holds:

Water bottle
Small towel for wiping up sweat
Padlock for the locker
Hair band/bobble
Facial wipes to remove makeup before working out
Notebook & pen to write down my training

Shower stuff:
Big towel, the sweat towel can be used to stand on while getting dried & dressed
Flipflops (ok the showers always look and smell clean but not worth chancing it with verrucas!)
Travel size shower gel, shampoo & conditioner and facial wash
Talc (dries remaining moisture so clothes go on easier, especially good for feet)
Change of pants & socks
Deodorant stick, again it dries quickly.
Carrier bag to put the wet & sweaty stuff in.

Wolfiefan Tue 20-Jun-17 15:49:06

I bloody love my work play bag. Not cheap but great.

Dailystuck71 Tue 20-Jun-17 15:50:19

I've always liked the look of workplay bags but I don't need a bag these days as I go home-gym-home.

silkpyjamasallday Tue 20-Jun-17 16:15:41

Thank you for that list @HappyAxolotl that is a really useful breakdown to see how capacious this bag needs to be! I don't mind spending a fair bit for something I really like. Is a backpack better than a hold-all or satchel type thing? I won't be running to the gym, a leisurely stroll is more likely.

sparechange Tue 20-Jun-17 16:17:32

An OMM classic 32 rucksack
I don't want to undo all my good work with a holdall over one shoulder, skewing my posture and muscles

silkpyjamasallday Tue 20-Jun-17 16:23:04

Good point on the posture benefits of a rucksack, I hadn't thought of that, and I know from years at school lugging multiple sketchbooks around in a hold-all that they do your back no favours

FlindersKeepers Tue 20-Jun-17 16:25:02

Gymtote Charli.
Not remotely cheap.
It's not perfect, but it is pretty good. I'm looking at it across my desk.
It currently holds:
0.75L Water bottle (my nice one broke, this is crap plastic one)
Small towel for wiping up sweat (today this Hey!Holla one, other brands available)
Gym pass, work pass, wallet, keys
Phone charger which I stick in the side pocket, fitbit cable
hair brush with hair bands on the handle, I like those invisibobbles.
Small wash bag and make-up bag
Big towel, the kind you get at sports events as they pack smaller
Gym gear (top, bra, capris, socks) & trainers
Benlee 8oz boxing gloves and glove inners
Breakfast Tupperware and a spork
A small umbrella
2 cans of olive oil spray that I bought in Lidl at lunchtime, a reuseable shopping bag
Pens and notes, sometimes a kindle. Logging I do on my phone with MFP etc.
The earrings I forgot to put back on, sunglasses case.
shock blush grin

Now, I don't usually cart all of this around, as my gloves etc stay at work as I box with a trainer twice a week at lunchtime, this is slightly unusual. The Gymtote does fit a lot, but my feet are not huge. Big trainers would take up the glove space - I tend to put the dirty washing in that space for the way home, same with the tupper. If I ever swim, I chuck the wet gear in a wetbag or big Ziploc. It's a commuter bag, it is OK for a short cycle, but not a long bike ride or any run as it fits like a fashion bag - it does save me from 2 bag hell though, so for that it is worth the money.
(And if I hold it close to the body, our narrow security gate just thinks I'm an odd shape rather than I'm sneaking in a big bag, result!)

Twinkie1 Tue 20-Jun-17 16:27:15

Sweaty Betty and Lululemon do really nice gym bags. Iv had them from both and been impressed.

FlindersKeepers Tue 20-Jun-17 16:32:00

The other one I had been looking at was the Lululemon Carry The Day, but the Charli is a backpack and looks a little smarter. There are no yoga mat straps on the Charli, it is a good idea to find out if your yoga class supplies mats or not as some do and others don't (some say to bring towels, others not...).

silkpyjamasallday Tue 20-Jun-17 16:33:53

Oh thank you so much everyone! This has saved me so much brain power that I can't access due to sleep deprivation due to teething dd. And has also given me an enjoyable shopping mission 

I wear size 4 so luckily not huge shoe space needed! @FlindersKeepers

I want to be sensible and get a rucksack, but there are some really nice bags...

silkpyjamasallday Tue 20-Jun-17 16:37:19

The Charlie gym tote is practical and pretty... is it real or fake leather though @FlindersKeepers? I can't see the info on the description or technical details.

Mummysh0rtlegs Tue 20-Jun-17 16:39:53

I have a rucksack from decathlon for swimming, but this is my gym bag.

FlindersKeepers Tue 20-Jun-17 16:41:13

Fake! Is PVC. Is holding up well, I guess it is lighter? But yes, I was a bit... hmm at that price for vegan leather. I should also say that the laptop divider is not removable, so I tend to shove smaller items like glasses case down that section.

HappyAxolotl Tue 20-Jun-17 19:50:06

I find it doesn't take up much room as my exercise clothes roll up small and fit inside the trainers. My tip - when getting changed, put your street clothes into a carrier bag then after you've finished and showered all your clothes are in the same place and there's no faffing.

Arealhumanbeing Tue 20-Jun-17 21:03:54

I've got a lovely Marc Jacobs back pack. Black with gold zips and outside pockets etc. Plenty of room. They've usually got them on the Very Exclusive website and you can pay in monthly instalments.

Also got an MZ Wallace large tote in black. Fits loads and is quilted and a bit Chanel looking.

Whathaveilost Tue 20-Jun-17 21:33:28

I am currently using an Underarmour bag.DS bought it me for Christmas. I also use it for my sleepover stuff for work and cabin luggage.
For the gym I take gym out fit, swim costume, towel, make up bag, shampoo and conditioner, hairbrush, a plastic carrier bag for wet clothes and drinks bottle, a bit of change and gym ticket.

FlindersKeepers Tue 20-Jun-17 22:01:27

I just remembered something important - if you always go to the same gym/pool/etc, buy the bag that fits their lockers. Measure if necessary as the size isn't standard.
Because fighting with jamming your bag in will piss you off.

silkpyjamasallday Wed 21-Jun-17 09:39:43

Good point on something that will fit in the lockers, I hadn't thought of that. I will only be going to the one gym, my friend is a member so I might go in on her guest pass before my membership kicks in and check the size of the lockers. I'd hate to buy a bag and it not fit. I'm thinking something less structured would be good for this. I'm a SAHM and the gym is a short walk away so maybe a squishy tote bag is the way to go. So many options to think about...

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