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Cambridge satchel fans - 13/15 inch? Nice / naff

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Glamorousglitter Tue 20-Jun-17 05:54:17

Help me decide

Have been admiring these for years but dismissing them as I m a long time out of university smile.!

However think I m going to try one as a day to day handbag - what size should I get ?
Need to be able to hold most handbag type stuff - wallet,phone,keys,--kids socks-- --crumbled rusks--iPad make up bag
Is the 15 inch too bulky to walk around with day to day ?! Will 13 inch be big enough? I m not near a store to go try it on for size ?

Feawen Tue 20-Jun-17 11:13:37

I have a 15 inch Cambridge satchel that I use every day for work - it fits my laptop, an a4 notebook, purse, phone and the small gubbins I like to carry around. It would be a rather big handbag but not ridiculous. If you don't have files or a laptop to carry then I think the 13 inch would be big enough.

They are lovely quality. My original one lasted 8 years and it was repeated soaking one rain-stormy weekend away that finally did for it. My "new" one is 2 years old and looks good so far. Although they are expensive (for me) they're made in the U.K. and the cost/wear is tiny because they last so long.

Glamorousglitter Tue 20-Jun-17 21:24:44

Thanks for the feedback! Have ordered both think j need to try both and see !
Only thing will be to make sure I actually do return one !!!

AteRiri Tue 20-Jun-17 21:31:36

I love this! I have the bigger one.

PNGirl Wed 21-Jun-17 09:19:20

I have a 14 inch and it holds an A5 notebook, brolly, purse, phone, kindle, mobile charger, and a few bits like hand cream. They are very slim with no give, so a big fat makeup bag is unlikely to fit while a slim makeup pouch should.

I'm carrying a "cloud" bag today which is about 11 inches and it fits phone, purse, keys, kindle, shopping bag, and a lip balm.

Glamorousglitter Wed 21-Jun-17 20:09:39

Thank you all. Can't wait to get my order. In the end I ordered one,15 inch - hoping for the best !

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